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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Figaro leave Madrid and cheerfully wander through Spain?
(a) He missed playing the violin, so he found work as a violin maker and salesman.
(b) He realized the theatre life was not for him, so he went back to writing poetry.
(c) When he realized the audiences did not appreciate his work, he decided to write music for himself.
(d) When he realized that the critics were more interested in their own political in-fighting and were never going to welcome him.

2. What interrupts Bartholo's complaining?
(a) The entrance of Rosine.
(b) The entrance of Figaro, to say hello.
(c) The entrance of the Count, to save Rosine.
(d) The entrance of Bazile, Rosine's music teacher.

3. What does Rosine do after awhile of listening to the Count?
(a) She calls for Bartholo.
(b) She closes her window.
(c) She tells him to be quiet.
(d) She sings along with him.

4. Where does this scene take place?
(a) In Rosine's room in Bartholo's house.
(b) In Figaro's shop.
(c) In the Count's home.
(d) In Bartholo's room.

5. Figaro sees her point, and suggests that Rosine do what?
(a) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be more thoughtful next time he visits outside her window.
(b) Send "Lindor" a note to be more kind to Bartholo.
(c) Send "Lindor" a note saying he is sorry for being so rude to Bartholo.
(d) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be calm and rational.

6. What does the letter tell Bartholo to do?
(a) Call the police.
(b) Kick "Lindor" out.
(c) Give "Lindor" a bed for a night.
(d) Send "Lindor" back to the military barracks.

7. For whom is Rosine's paper?
(a) Her cousin.
(b) Bartholo.
(c) The Count.
(d) Figaro.

8. How does Figaro learn that Bazile tells Bartholo that the Count is in town, has taken rooms at a fancy hotel and is going out every evening in disguise?
(a) He is hanging outside the window.
(b) He is hiding under the bed.
(c) He is peeping out of a nearby cupboard and overhearing.
(d) He is listening at the door.

9. To what can commedia be compared today?
(a) Dramas.
(b) The symphony.
(c) Documentaries.
(d) Television sitcoms.

10. On what commedia type is Bazile based?
(a) The self-absorbed, money-grasping old man.
(b) The lover.
(c) The stupid servant.
(d) The fighter.

11. What do the Count and Figaro discover about the song?
(a) It is a note to Bartholo.
(b) It is actually a poem.
(c) It is actually a letter.
(d) It is beautiful.

12. What does Figaro reassure the Count?
(a) Bartholo will let the Count marry Rosine.
(b) Everything is going to be all right.
(c) Rosine does not know who he is.
(d) Bartholo does not love Rosine.

13. What does Figaro promise to do?
(a) Throw Bazile out the window.
(b) Save Rosine.
(c) Beat up Bartholo.
(d) Unlock the door.

14. What would Rosine prefer the man to do?
(a) She would prefer it if he would be calm when he tells her he loves her.
(b) She would prefer that he go back to Madrid.
(c) She would prefer that the man would excitedly tell her how he feels.
(d) She would prefer it that he leave the property.

15. How does Bartholo enter?
(a) He storms in.
(b) He creeps in.
(c) He walks in.
(d) He crawls in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Figaro offer the Count?

2. How does Figaro tease Rosine?

3. Why does the Count recognize Figaro?

4. What does the Count insist that Bartholo show him?

5. What does the Count knock out of Bartholo's hand?

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