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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Count and Figaro discover about the song?
(a) It is actually a letter.
(b) It is a note to Bartholo.
(c) It is beautiful.
(d) It is actually a poem.

2. What does Rosine angrily ask, regarding her feelings about Bartholo?
(a) Why does she find him so attractive?
(b) Why he is so unkind to her?
(c) Why he is always accusing her?
(d) Why does she find him so unattractive?

3. What does Bartholo challenge the Count to do?
(a) Say what he came for.
(b) A hotdog eathing contest.
(c) A wrestling match.
(d) A duel.

4. To what does Rosine's letter refer?
(a) Bartholo's obsessive behavior.
(b) The Count's obsessive behavior.
(c) Bartholo's devotion.
(d) The Count's devotion.

5. For what does the Count long?
(a) To see his mother and sisters again.
(b) To show off his wealth and find a trophy wife.
(c) To be loved for who he is, rather than for his position or his money.
(d) To be wealthy and living in a beautiful home in the countryside.

6. Why does Figaro say he feels "Lindor's" passion?
(a) "Lindor" is not passionate enough.
(b) Figaro is in love with Rosine.
(c) Figaro is more passionate than "Lindor."
(d) "Lindor's" passion is so intense.

7. What has taught Figaro to be so positive.?
(a) His life experiences.
(b) His mother was always a positive woman.
(c) He forced himself to laugh out of being afraid that he would cry.
(d) Prayer.

8. What does Bartholo say about putting trust in anyone?
(a) It is dangerous.
(b) It is a good idea.
(c) It is a beautiful thing.
(d) It takes courage.

9. What has the Count recently found out about Rosine?
(a) Her name, that she is a widow, and is in mourning.
(b) Her name, that she is a widow, and is married to Bartholo.
(c) Her name, that she is an orphan, and married to Bartholo.
(d) Her name, that she is an orphan, and is unmarried.

10. How does Figaro tease Rosine?
(a) By tickling her.
(b) By calling her names.
(c) By telling her he has the perfect husband for her but not telling her who it is.
(d) By not revealing the truth right away about in whom the man is interested.

11. Why can Figaro easily gain access to Bartholo's house?
(a) He is Bartholo's barber.
(b) He is Bartholo's brother.
(c) He is Bartholo's cousin.
(d) He is Bartholo's servant.

12. What does Rosine hand to Figaro?
(a) The note she has just written.
(b) A new song she has written.
(c) A violin.
(d) His guitar.

13. Rosine wonders whether Bartholo thinks she would not be able to resist even the attractions of a servant like Figaro, which leads Bartholo to make what suggestion?
(a) Women can find any man attractive.
(b) Men can find any woman attractive.
(c) Men never truly love women.
(d) Women never love men.

14. How do Bartholo's servants respond when he asks them why they did not tell him that Figaro had been in to see Rosine?
(a) They do not trust Bartholo.
(b) They did not think he meant that Figaro was not allowed in.
(c) They had forgotten Figaro had been there.
(d) Figaro had told them to keep it a secret.

15. How does Bartholo enter?
(a) He walks in.
(b) He creeps in.
(c) He storms in.
(d) He crawls in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Count instantly resolve to do?

2. What does Bartholo say best friends will do?

3. What happens when Bartholo leaves the room?

4. What will Figaro do while the Count gets himself into his disguise as a soldier?

5. On what does Rosine hope Bartholo chokes?

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