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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has taught Figaro to be so positive.?
(a) He forced himself to laugh out of being afraid that he would cry.
(b) His mother was always a positive woman.
(c) His life experiences.
(d) Prayer.

2. How does Figaro surprise Rosine?
(a) He sings to her.
(b) He calls her name.
(c) He suddenly comes in.
(d) He climbs in her window.

3. What job does Figaro have, as we wanders through Spain?
(a) He makes violins.
(b) He acts as barber for anyone who needs him.
(c) He writes music and poetry.
(d) He works as a clerk and a writer.

4. What does the Count do, regarding Rosine's song?
(a) He sings it to her.
(b) He listens to her sing it.
(c) He tears it up.
(d) He darts out from his hiding place and grabs it.

5. For what does the Count long?
(a) To see his mother and sisters again.
(b) To be wealthy and living in a beautiful home in the countryside.
(c) To be loved for who he is, rather than for his position or his money.
(d) To show off his wealth and find a trophy wife.

6. What does Bartholo say about putting trust in anyone?
(a) It is dangerous.
(b) It takes courage.
(c) It is a good idea.
(d) It is a beautiful thing.

7. What happens when Figaro makes an attempt at writing for the theatre?
(a) He ended up with writer's block and could not write a single line.
(b) The audiences did not enjoy his work.
(c) He greated several great works, but could not find someone to publish them.
(d) Even though audiences enjoyed his writing, the critics condemned him.

8. How is Rosine alone at last and free to do as she pleases?
(a) Bartholo is running errands.
(b) The servants are all either unwell or busy.
(c) She has locked her door.
(d) The Count and Figaro have saved her.

9. What place does Figaro describe to the Count?
(a) Madrid.
(b) Rosine's home.
(c) His shop.
(d) His home.

10. What does Figaro say is the man's only defect?
(a) He is in love.
(b) He is crippled.
(c) He has a limp.
(d) He is too kind.

11. What story has Bartholo spread around to keep potential lovers away?
(a) That she is mentally unstable.
(b) That he and Rosine are married.
(c) That she is very young.
(d) That she is a widow.

12. What is Figaro's job situation?
(a) He is a travelling minstrel, playing music for anyone who will listen.
(b) He was apprenticed to a horse doctor, but when his superior found out that he was also writing poetry, love letters and contributing to the local newspaper, he was fired.
(c) He is a poet and an editor for a publishing company.
(d) He works as a violin maker and travels Spain selling his wares.

13. Of what does Figaro remind the Count?
(a) The letter asked him to sing.
(b) The letter asked him to hear her sing.
(c) The letter asked him to write her a sonnet.
(d) The letter asked him to play her a song.

14. What does the Count vow to do?
(a) Find Rosine a good husband.
(b) Save Rosine.
(c) Give Rosine her freedom.
(d) Marry Rosine.

15. What encourages Figaro to put their plan into action?
(a) The Count hints that Figaro will rewarded, if he helps the Count marry Rosine.
(b) The Count praises Figaro's abilities as a barber, musician, and writer.
(c) The Count writes a song for Figaro.
(d) The Count had once helped Figaro when he needed it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has the Count recently found out about Rosine?

2. What does the count do as Figaro continues his story?

3. How does Rosine react when Figaro tells her the truth about this man?

4. What does Rosine say about the man that Figaro was with?

5. Why does Figaro tell the Count to pose as a drunken member of a military detachment in town and introduce himself to Bartholo?

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