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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the Count disguised?
(a) As Bazile.
(b) As a priest.
(c) As a soldier.
(d) As Figaro.

2. Why is Count Almaviva disguised as a priest in a cloak and turned down hat?
(a) He is a runaway fugitive and does not want anyone to discover him.
(b) He is afraid he will be recognized by either the woman's over-protective guardian or one of his friends from the royal court.
(c) He used to work for Bartholo and does not want to be recognized.
(d) He has always wanted to be a priest.

3. What interrupts Bartholo's complaining?
(a) The entrance of Figaro, to say hello.
(b) The entrance of Rosine.
(c) The entrance of Bazile, Rosine's music teacher.
(d) The entrance of the Count, to save Rosine.

4. What does Rosine do in her free time?
(a) She writes a love letter to "Lindor."
(b) She plays the harp.
(c) She applies more makeup.
(d) She sings a love song.

5. How does Count Almaviva feel about his situation?
(a) Confident.
(b) Confused.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Angry.

6. Where does this story take place?
(a) Madrid, Spain.
(b) Paris, France.
(c) Seville, Spain.
(d) London, England.

7. What does Figaro tell the Count about Rosine's music teacher?
(a) He is kind and gentle.
(b) He is Bartholo's brother.
(c) He is in love with Rosine.
(d) He is self-absorbed and greedy.

8. Who does the Count "drunkenly" say is the only person in the house with whom he wants anything to do?
(a) Rosine.
(b) Bartholo.
(c) Bazile.
(d) The maids.

9. Figaro sees her point, and suggests that Rosine do what?
(a) Send "Lindor" a note to be more kind to Bartholo.
(b) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be calm and rational.
(c) Send "Lindor" a note saying he is sorry for being so rude to Bartholo.
(d) Send "Lindor" a note saying he needs to be more thoughtful next time he visits outside her window.

10. What does Rosine do with the song?
(a) She tears it up.
(b) She drops it out the window.
(c) She throws it in the fire.
(d) She gives it to Bartholo.

11. Why does Figaro say he feels "Lindor's" passion?
(a) "Lindor's" passion is so intense.
(b) "Lindor" is not passionate enough.
(c) Figaro is more passionate than "Lindor."
(d) Figaro is in love with Rosine.

12. How does Rosine get Bartholo to leave?
(a) She pushes him out the window.
(b) She pushes him out the door.
(c) She asks Bartholo to run downstairs to retrieve the song.
(d) She yells, "fire!"

13. How does Figaro tease Rosine?
(a) By calling her names.
(b) By tickling her.
(c) By not revealing the truth right away about in whom the man is interested.
(d) By telling her he has the perfect husband for her but not telling her who it is.

14. Why is the Count unable to hand Rosine the real love letter?
(a) Bartholo comes back too soon.
(b) He has lost it.
(c) Bartholo has already stolen it.
(d) He never wrote one.

15. What has the Count recently found out about Rosine?
(a) Her name, that she is a widow, and is married to Bartholo.
(b) Her name, that she is an orphan, and married to Bartholo.
(c) Her name, that she is a widow, and is in mourning.
(d) Her name, that she is an orphan, and is unmarried.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rosine react when Figaro tells her the truth about this man?

2. How does Figaro learn that Bazile tells Bartholo that the Count is in town, has taken rooms at a fancy hotel and is going out every evening in disguise?

3. At a performance of this play when it was first written, what expectations would the audience have had?

4. What does Rosine hand to Figaro?

5. What does the Count tell Figaro to call him?

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