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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the letter tell Bartholo to do?
(a) Send "Lindor" back to the military barracks.
(b) Kick "Lindor" out.
(c) Call the police.
(d) Give "Lindor" a bed for a night.

2. For what does Figaro say he has come?
(a) To shave Bartholo as usual, nothing more.
(b) To sing and play his guitar for Bartholo.
(c) To save Rosine.
(d) To give his servants a shave.

3. What does Rosine do with the song?
(a) She drops it out the window.
(b) She gives it to Bartholo.
(c) She tears it up.
(d) She throws it in the fire.

4. Bartholo calls Figaro a knave. What is Figaro's response?
(a) Yes, he is a knave.
(b) No, my middle name is Dave, not knave.
(c) He is not a knave; he is a writer.
(d) What is a knave.

5. On what does Figaro comment?
(a) Bartholo's severe behavior.
(b) Bartholo's desire for information regarding "The Futile Precaution," suggesting that Bartholo's attempts to keep Rosine for himself are themselves futile precautions.
(c) Bartholo's love for Rosine.
(d) Bartholo's command over Rosine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Bazile's suggestion do to the Count?

2. What does the Count say about Bartholo's skills as a doctor?

3. Rosine comes in, refusing to take any more music lessons from anybody. Why does she quickly change her mind?

4. Why does Figaro lend the Count his guitar, telling him to sing anything that comes into his mind?

5. What interrupts Bartholo's complaining?

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