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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Count Almaviva disguised as a priest in a cloak and turned down hat?
(a) He is a runaway fugitive and does not want anyone to discover him.
(b) He is afraid he will be recognized by either the woman's over-protective guardian or one of his friends from the royal court.
(c) He used to work for Bartholo and does not want to be recognized.
(d) He has always wanted to be a priest.

2. What does the letter tell Bartholo to do?
(a) Send "Lindor" back to the military barracks.
(b) Call the police.
(c) Kick "Lindor" out.
(d) Give "Lindor" a bed for a night.

3. As Figaro finishes singing his new composition, what does he realize about the "priest?"
(a) He looks unhappy.
(b) He looks worried.
(c) He looks familiar.
(d) He looks odd.

4. What story has Bartholo spread around to keep potential lovers away?
(a) That she is very young.
(b) That she is mentally unstable.
(c) That she is a widow.
(d) That he and Rosine are married.

5. What does the Count do, regarding Rosine's song?
(a) He sings it to her.
(b) He darts out from his hiding place and grabs it.
(c) He listens to her sing it.
(d) He tears it up.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Figaro tell the Count to pose as a drunken member of a military detachment in town and introduce himself to Bartholo?

2. What is Figaro's comment regarding women being locked up?

3. For what does the Count long?

4. What would Bazile's suggestion do to the Count?

5. What does the Count do while telling Bartholo to do his duty to the military and put him up for the night?

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