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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rosine say about the man that Figaro was with?
(a) She is sure he will soon make a good name for himself.
(b) She is sure he is a wonderful man.
(c) He was very handsome.
(d) He should go back to Madrid where he belongs.

2. Where is the Count playing the guitar and singing?
(a) Up in a tree by Rosine's window.
(b) In the park.
(c) The Count strolls under Rosine's window.
(d) In Rosine's room.

3. How do Bartholo's servants respond when he asks them why they did not tell him that Figaro had been in to see Rosine?
(a) They do not trust Bartholo.
(b) They did not think he meant that Figaro was not allowed in.
(c) They had forgotten Figaro had been there.
(d) Figaro had told them to keep it a secret.

4. Why does the Count ask what Figaro is doing in Seville?
(a) He heard Figaro had moved to Paris.
(b) Since the Count got Figaro a job in the government.
(c) He thought Figaro had died.
(d) Since the Count found Figaro a job as a writer.

5. What does Rosine angrily ask, regarding her feelings about Bartholo?
(a) Why does she find him so unattractive?
(b) Why he is so unkind to her?
(c) Why he is always accusing her?
(d) Why does she find him so attractive?

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rosine react when Figaro tells her the truth about this man?

2. What interrupts Bartholo's complaining?

3. What has the Count recently found out about Rosine?

4. Who does Figaro say he was talking to on the street?

5. What does Bartholo suggest is the best way to deal with the Count?

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