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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4, Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rosine's temper flares, and over Bartholo's protests, what does she promise?
(a) To become a nun.
(b) To marry the man who can free her from him.
(c) To never marry.
(d) To run away.

2. Bartholo assumes the song is a "new sort of silliness," and talks grumpily about what?
(a) How he despises musicians and wishes she did not take lessons.
(b) How he envies her talents and hopes she will teach him to sing.
(c) How she is a horrible singer, and he does not want to hear it.
(d) How there is so much nonsense around- especially the "new fangled Drama."

3. How does Rosine respond when Bartholo decides to stay and hear the whole lesson?
(a) She is excited.
(b) She is surprised.
(c) She is nervous.
(d) She is sent into despair.

4. What does Rosine suggest might lead to careless behavior?
(a) Being rude.
(b) Being unkind.
(c) Being excited.
(d) Being thoughtless.

5. How does Figaro tease Rosine?
(a) By telling her he has the perfect husband for her but not telling her who it is.
(b) By not revealing the truth right away about in whom the man is interested.
(c) By calling her names.
(d) By tickling her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are Bartholo's servants not very helpful?

2. For what does Figaro say he has come?

3. To what does Rosine's letter refer?

4. What has taught Figaro to be so positive.?

5. What does Rosine angrily ask, regarding her feelings about Bartholo?

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