The Barber of Seville Character Descriptions

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Count Almaviva - This character is a young nobleman with one thought on his mind: to woo the beautiful Rosine. Having fallen in love with her at first sight in Madrid, by time the play opens, his continual presence under her window has made Rosine fall in love with him as well.

Alonzo - See Count Almaviva.

Bartholo - This character is an old man and the guardian of a young woman, whom he plans to marry. This crotchety, curmudgeonly character is far from an ideal match for this woman.

Bazile - This character is Rosine's music teacher, but he also performs numerous duties and favors for Bartholo. This character awards his loyalty to whoever can pay the highest fee for it.

Figaro - This character is a former servant of the Count. He is a sort of jack-of-all-trades; since leaving the Count's service, he...

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