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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabbas look like?

2. As he lies on his sleeping mat, what conclusion does Barabbas come to about the things he saw on Golgotha?

3. What does the red-bearded man do when he discovers that Barabbas has been eavesdropping?

4. What does Barabbas think has happened to Jesus' body?

5. What does Barabbas notice about the woman he believes is the mother of the man on the cross?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the hare-lipped girl's meeting with Jesus.

2. Describe the residents who live near the Dung Gate.

3. How do the characters react when the hill goes dark?

4. What statement does the fat woman make that offends the hare-lipped girl?

5. To what do the characters at the fat woman's house attribute the halo Barabbas describes seeing?

6. Why does Barabbas leave the red-beaded man?

7. Why is Barabbas pleased that he did not see the resurrection?

8. Describe Jesus as Barabbas sees him.

9. What does Barabbas give the hare-lipped girl at the fat woman's house?

10. Describe the hare-lipped girl.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What reasons does the red-bearded man give for Jesus' crucifixion and why? What reasons does Barabbas give for Jesus' crucifixion and why? What events affect Barabbas's reasoning and why?

Essay Topic 2

What role does revenge play in the novel? Which characters are most affected by revenge and why? Compare and contrast the concept of revenge with the concept of "love one another" as seen by the characters in the novel. How does this conflict affect Barabbas' character and why?

Essay Topic 3

Barabbas last words, "to thee I deliver up my soul," are not explained by the author. What might be the implications of these words?

1. Who might Barabbas be speaking to and why?

2. What might these words foreshadow for Barabbas's eternal future and why?

3. Why might Barabbas have spoken this particular phrase and how does it relate to his life story as told in the novel?

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