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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Sahak reveal to the one-eyed slave?
(a) He and Barabbas are going to attempt escape.
(b) God will return and that all slaves will be freed.
(c) Miracles are all around him.
(d) The world is about to end.

2. What was inscribed on the back of Sahak's slave medallion?
(a) The mark of the Roman state.
(b) The name of the mine owner.
(c) A cross.
(d) Symbols that represent Jesus' name.

3. What does the blind man accuse the hare-lipped girl of?
(a) Theft.
(b) Adultery.
(c) Soothsaying.
(d) Heresy.

4. Why does the overseer first whip Sahak?
(a) Because he trips and overturns the cart.
(b) Because he is a Christian.
(c) Because he is talking while he works.
(d) Because he stopsworking to listen to Barabbas.

5. What religious philosophy does the overseer have?
(a) Worship the state that takes care of you.
(b) One God for all men.
(c) Worship all gods so none of them will be offended.
(d) Worship no one and worry about nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabbas do the night after the stoning?

2. Who is the "great prophet" that Sahak refers to?

3. How is Barabbas connected to Sahak?

4. Who releases Barabbas and Sahak from the mines?

5. Why does the one-eyed slave wear a wooden frame around his neck?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is special about the inscription on the back of Sahak's slave medallion?

2. What explanation does Barabbas give the governor for the inscription on the back of his medallion?

3. Why does Sahak refuse to the leave the mines without Barabbas?

4. What does Barabbas do after burying the hare-lipped girl?

5. How does the governor view Barabbas?

6. After his initial whipping, what does Barabbas do while Sahak prays?

7. What happens to Sahak after he speaks to the governor?

8. To what do the thieves attribute Barabbas's odd behavior?

9. What explanation does Sahak give the governor for the inscription on the back of his medallion?

10. How do Sahak and Barabbas end up standing trial in front of the governor?

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