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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Barabbas and Sahak after they are released from the mines?
(a) They part ways, but meet again at a Christian meeting.
(b) They work together in the fields.
(c) They remain together for the rest of their lives.
(d) They walk to Jerusalem.

2. How does Sahak die?
(a) He is tortured and then crucified.
(b) He starves to death beside the mill wheel.
(c) He is drawn and quartered.
(d) He is pushed off a cliff.

3. Where does Barabbas carry the hare-lipped girl's body?
(a) To the Red Sea.
(b) Past Jericho and into Judah.
(c) To the fat woman's house.
(d) Through the Desert of Judah to the land of the Moabites.

4. What was inscribed on the back of Sahak's slave medallion?
(a) Symbols that represent Jesus' name.
(b) A cross.
(c) The mark of the Roman state.
(d) The name of the mine owner.

5. How did Barabbas meet the hare-lipped girl?
(a) She cared for him when his leg was wounded.
(b) He captured her on a raid.
(c) Her father was a thief.
(d) At the fat woman's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What religious philosophy does the overseer have?

2. What does Sahak talk to the overseer about when questioned about his prayer activities?

3. Whom does Barabbas kill at the stoning pit?

4. What type of work do Barabbas and Sahak perform above ground?

5. Whom does Sahak credit for their release?

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