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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jesus tell the hare-lipped girl she would do?
(a) Become famous.
(b) Bear witness for him.
(c) Become whole.
(d) Tell the Pharisees about him.

2. What event causes the soldiers near the cross to jump to their feet and grab their weapons?
(a) They see Barabbas.
(b) The hill goes dark.
(c) The crowd presses too close.
(d) Thunder roars and lightening begins to flash.

3. What does the woman at the Fat Woman's house say about the man on the cross?
(a) He must have been guilty.
(b) She had seen him perform miracles.
(c) He was a false prophet.
(d) He was the Savior.

4. Why does Barabbas feel that he cannot be forgiven for his sins?
(a) Because he doesn't believe in God.
(b) Because he was born a thief and a murderer.
(c) Because he doesn't believe in sin.
(d) Because he hasn't paid for them.

5. What does Barabbas share with the believer he meets in the village on the mountain?
(a) A meal.
(b) A secret.
(c) A drink.
(d) A walk.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does the red-bearded man and his group believe that the crucified man is?

2. How does Barabbas react to the comments that the passing group of men make towards him and the red-beaded man?

3. While in the Fat Woman's house in Jerusalem, where do the men occasionally go?

4. To what do Barabbas's friends attribute the unusual events Barabbas saw while at Golgotha?

5. What does the believer find odd about Barabbas's question?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Barabbas think about as he lies awake next to the fat woman on his first night of freedom?

2. How does the fat woman react to Barabbas staying in Jerusalem?

3. To what does the fat woman attribute Barabbas's odd behavior?

4. What does Barabbas give the hare-lipped girl at the fat woman's house?

5. Why does Barabbas leave the red-beaded man?

6. Describe Barabbas' actions and thoughts on the resurrection morning.

7. Why does Barabbas feel he has a stronger bond with Jesus than the Christians?

8. What statement does the fat woman make that offends the hare-lipped girl?

9. Why is Barabbas pleased that he did not see the resurrection?

10. Describe the hare-lipped girl.

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