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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the one-eyed slave wear a wooden frame around his neck?
(a) To help turn the mill wheel.
(b) As punishment for attempting escape.
(c) To prevent him from eating the flour.
(d) To help bear the weight of the sacks.

2. Whom does Barabbas kill at the stoning pit?
(a) The potter.
(b) The blind man.
(c) The Pharisee.
(d) The true believer.

3. Who is the "great prophet" that Sahak refers to?
(a) Mohammed.
(b) Jesus.
(c) Ra.
(d) John.

4. Whom does Sahak credit for their release?
(a) God.
(b) The overseer.
(c) The governor.
(d) Himself.

5. What does Barabbas allow the governor to do to his slave medallion?
(a) Give him a new medallion.
(b) Write his own name above Jesus' name.
(c) Scratch though Jesus' name.
(d) Melt it down.

6. What observation does Barabbas make about prayer after Sahak's death?
(a) He has no one to pray to.
(b) He cannot pray without Sahak.
(c) God is always waiting.
(d) He will pray to all the gods.

7. Where has Barabbas been before he becomes a slave in a Roman governor's house?
(a) In Jerusalem.
(b) In the smelting pit.
(c) In the copper mines.
(d) On his way to Samaria.

8. Where do Barabbas and Sahak work after the spring plowing is complete?
(a) In the copper mine.
(b) In the governor's house.
(c) In the potter's shop.
(d) At the water wheels.

9. What might Barabbas have been doing in Gerizim?
(a) Languishing in jail.
(b) Praying at the temple.
(c) Sacrificing a lamb on the Passover.
(d) Making clay pots.

10. Who enrages Barabbas so much that he ferociously desecrates dead bodies?
(a) The temple guards.
(b) The Pharisees.
(c) The fat woman.
(d) Eliahu.

11. Who does Barabbas stay with after he buries the hare-lipped girl?
(a) The fat woman.
(b) A band of thieves and outlaws he led in the past.
(c) The resurrected man.
(d) The red-bearded man.

12. When the band of thieves discover that Barabbas is missing, where do they search for him?
(a) In Jerusalem.
(b) In the cave that was his old home.
(c) Near the hare-lipped girl's grave.
(d) Near the place where Eliahu died.

13. Whom does Barabbas credit for their release?
(a) The overseer.
(b) God.
(c) Sahak.
(d) The governor.

14. What does the blind man find offensive about the hare-lipped girl?
(a) She is physically ugly.
(b) She is an unmarried woman seen walking with an unmarried man.
(c) She tell stories of the Son of God returning to heal the sick and create a new world.
(d) She should beg and take scraps like he does.

15. How does Eliahu die?
(a) The fat woman poisions him.
(b) The Christians stone him.
(c) The Roman crucify him.
(d) Barbabbas hurls him off a cliff.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is ordered to throw the first stone during the hare-lipped girl's execution?

2. How does Sahak die?

3. What happened to Barabbas's mother after she gave birth to him?

4. What secret about Eliahu does no one know?

5. Who releases Barabbas and Sahak from the mines?

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