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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the believer find odd about Barabbas's question?
(a) No one else has ever commented on his appearance.
(b) No one else has ever asked him about the "realm of the dead."
(c) He is surprised at Barabbas's unbelief.
(d) No one else has argued with him about heaven.

2. What did the hare-lipped girl not ask Jesus to do for her?
(a) Feed her.
(b) Make Barabbas love her.
(c) Make her wealthy.
(d) Heal her deformed lip.

3. To what does the fat woman attribute Barabbas's odd behavior after he returns from the village on the mountain?
(a) He has been posessed by the crucified man's spirit.
(b) He is lying.
(c) He has become insane like the man on the mountain.
(d) He trying to become a better man.

4. What does Barabbas notice about the woman he believes is the mother of the man on the cross?
(a) She seems unable to demonstrate the full depths of her grief.
(b) She looks older than her years.
(c) She cries and clings to a man who grieves for Jesus.
(d) She stares angrily at him.

5. When the book opens, where is Barabbas standing?
(a) Near the cross.
(b) In the marketplace.
(c) In front of the governor.
(d) At the bottom of the hill.

6. What did the hare-lipped girl see at the tomb?
(a) Barabbas.
(b) Two Roman soldiers.
(c) An angel.
(d) The red-bearded man.

7. What warning does the red-beaded man give the believers?
(a) The Romans demand bribes.
(b) The blind man is a Roman spy.
(c) Barabbas is a Roman spy.
(d) They might soon be persecuted.

8. What observation does Barabbas make about the conviction of man on the cross?
(a) It's obvious that he is innocent of any crime.
(b) The Jews were screaming for his blood, so he must have been guilty.
(c) It's a shame that an innocent man had to die.
(d) The Romans are unfair.

9. Where is Barabbas hidden just before sunrise on the third day after the crucifixion?
(a) Near the tomb.
(b) Behind the low-vaulted room.
(c) Near the temple.
(d) In a nearby cave.

10. Whom does the red-bearded man and his group believe that the crucified man is?
(a) The Son of Man and the Son of God.
(b) A misunderstood carpenter.
(c) A great healer.
(d) The Great Prophet.

11. How does Barabbas expect the Christians to react to his presence?
(a) Angry with his betrayal.
(b) Surprised at his daring.
(c) Pleased to have a potential convert.
(d) Upset with his past.

12. What event causes the soldiers near the cross to jump to their feet and grab their weapons?
(a) They see Barabbas.
(b) The hill goes dark.
(c) The crowd presses too close.
(d) Thunder roars and lightening begins to flash.

13. What does Barabbas ask the woman who talks about the man on the cross?
(a) What type of crime was he accused of.
(b) Where his body was laid and what was supposed to happen to it.
(c) What kinds of miracles he performed and sermons he delivered.
(d) Who his followers were.

14. After Barabbas returns to the believers after his visit to the village on the mountain, what does he tell the believers?
(a) The man on the mountain is insane.
(b) Jesus did the right thing, but that doesn't make him the Son of God.
(c) Jesus had no right to raise the believer from the dead.
(d) The man on the mountain is posessed.

15. What did Jesus tell the hare-lipped girl she would do?
(a) Become famous.
(b) Bear witness for him.
(c) Tell the Pharisees about him.
(d) Become whole.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the believer that Barabbas meets in the village on the mountain tell him?

2. Where was Barabbas when the man on the cross was arrested?

3. What do the believers begin to call Barabbas after he returns from his visit to the village on the mountain?

4. What does Barabbas ask the girl he meets in Jerusalem?

5. How did the believers react to the hare-lipped girl after the red-bearded man spoke to them?

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