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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Barabbas is eavesdropping on the two men in Jerusalem, what causes him to lean closer to the men?
(a) They mention Barabbas's name.
(b) They mention the darkness that covered Golgotha.
(c) They point to the hare-lipped girl.
(d) They whisper about the Roman guards.

2. What do Barabbas and the red-bearded man discuss?
(a) The odd weather.
(b) The crucified man and his ministry.
(c) The unusual quiet of the marketplace.
(d) His relationship with the hare-lipped girl.

3. Why does Barabbas feel he has a stronger bond with Jesus than the Christians?
(a) Because Jesus was a loner, like himself.
(b) Because they share the same birthday.
(c) Because Barabbas sees Jesus for who he really is.
(d) Because Jesus literally died in his place on the cross.

4. How does Barabbas expect the Christians to react to his presence?
(a) Angry with his betrayal.
(b) Upset with his past.
(c) Pleased to have a potential convert.
(d) Surprised at his daring.

5. What does the woman at the Fat Woman's house say about the man on the cross?
(a) She had seen him perform miracles.
(b) He was the Savior.
(c) He must have been guilty.
(d) He was a false prophet.

6. What explanation did the the red-bearded man give for the crucifixion?
(a) The Master had to suffer and die for them.
(b) The Jewish people are fickle.
(c) The Pharisees are trying to destroy the Christians.
(d) The Romans are out to destroy Israel.

7. How does the girl that Barabbas meets in Jerusalem appear?
(a) She is dressed like a whore.
(b) She is well dressed and well fed.
(c) She seems tired and worn out.
(d) She is dressed in rags and is obviously hungry.

8. To what does the fat woman attribute Barabbas's odd behavior after he returns from the village on the mountain?
(a) He is lying.
(b) He trying to become a better man.
(c) He has become insane like the man on the mountain.
(d) He has been posessed by the crucified man's spirit.

9. What event takes place in the low-vaulted room?
(a) A prayer meeting.
(b) An execution.
(c) A trial.
(d) A large, boisterous party.

10. What does the hare-lipped girl believe will happen on the third day after the crucifixion?
(a) She will be healed of her deformity.
(b) The blind man will see.
(c) The leper will be healed.
(d) That the crucified man will rise from the dead.

11. What observation does Barabbas make about the conviction of man on the cross?
(a) It's obvious that he is innocent of any crime.
(b) It's a shame that an innocent man had to die.
(c) The Romans are unfair.
(d) The Jews were screaming for his blood, so he must have been guilty.

12. How well does Barabbas sleep during his first night after arriving in Jerusalem?
(a) He immediately falls into a drunken slumber.
(b) He sleeps for an hour, then suddenly awakes.
(c) He tosses and turns before eventually falling asleep.
(d) He is unable to sleep.

13. What did the hare-lipped girl not ask Jesus to do for her?
(a) Feed her.
(b) Heal her deformed lip.
(c) Make Barabbas love her.
(d) Make her wealthy.

14. How do the Christians react to Barabbas' presence?
(a) They are uncomfortable around him.
(b) They cheerfully weclome him into their homes.
(c) They angrily cast him out of the assembly.
(d) They appear indifferent to his presence.

15. What event causes the soldiers near the cross to jump to their feet and grab their weapons?
(a) The hill goes dark.
(b) They see Barabbas.
(c) The crowd presses too close.
(d) Thunder roars and lightening begins to flash.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barabbas do after he leaves the tomb?

2. What did Jesus tell the hare-lipped girl she would do?

3. What does Barabbas do before everyone leaves the low-vaulted room?

4. At the end of the evening, who is left with the Fat Woman?

5. How does Barabbas refer to the girl he meets in Jerusalem?

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