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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How well does Barabbas sleep during his first night after arriving in Jerusalem?
(a) He sleeps for an hour, then suddenly awakes.
(b) He tosses and turns before eventually falling asleep.
(c) He immediately falls into a drunken slumber.
(d) He is unable to sleep.

2. To what does the fat woman attribute Barabbas's odd behavior after he returns from the village on the mountain?
(a) He has become insane like the man on the mountain.
(b) He is lying.
(c) He has been posessed by the crucified man's spirit.
(d) He trying to become a better man.

3. How does Barabbas expect the Christians to react to his presence?
(a) Upset with his past.
(b) Surprised at his daring.
(c) Angry with his betrayal.
(d) Pleased to have a potential convert.

4. What does Barabbas give the girl he meets in Jerusalem?
(a) A kiss.
(b) Most of his meal.
(c) A letter.
(d) A necklace.

5. How does Barabbas react to the physical appearance of the believer he meets in the village on the mountain?
(a) He is repulsed.
(b) He is surprised.
(c) He is curious, yet cautious.
(d) He is angry.

6. To what do Barabbas's friends attribute the unusual events Barabbas saw while at Golgotha?
(a) His eyes adjusting to daylight after having been in the dungeon.
(b) His mental state after enduring the ordeal of the trial.
(c) God's intervention in the crucifixion.
(d) His emotional state after experiencing such a brutal crucifixion.

7. What do Barabbas and the red-bearded man discuss?
(a) The crucified man and his ministry.
(b) His relationship with the hare-lipped girl.
(c) The unusual quiet of the marketplace.
(d) The odd weather.

8. How does Barabbas refer to the girl he meets in Jerusalem?
(a) The girl with the hare-lip.
(b) The girl.
(c) The girl in Jerusalem.
(d) The girl of his dream.

9. How does the believer describe the "realm of the dead"?
(a) A path of light.
(b) A beautiful meadow.
(c) Just like home, only cleaner and better.
(d) As nothing.

10. What business keeps Barabbas in Jerusalem?
(a) He works at the temple.
(b) None.
(c) He steals from the Christians.
(d) He joins the potter.

11. What does the hare-lipped girl believe will happen on the third day after the crucifixion?
(a) The blind man will see.
(b) That the crucified man will rise from the dead.
(c) She will be healed of her deformity.
(d) The leper will be healed.

12. Why doesn't Barabbas believe that the man on the cross is the Messiah?
(a) Because Barabbas knows he is guilty.
(b) Because Barabbas dislikes the Jews.
(c) Because Barabbas is too cynical.
(d) Because the man didn't save himself.

13. What did the hare-lipped girl not ask Jesus to do for her?
(a) Heal her deformed lip.
(b) Make Barabbas love her.
(c) Make her wealthy.
(d) Feed her.

14. As Barabbas walks around town the day after the crucifixion, what does he notice?
(a) Some people are staring at him.
(b) The hare-lipped girl.
(c) The market is unusually quiet.
(d) The sun is dimmer.

15. What does Barabbas do before everyone leaves the low-vaulted room?
(a) He eats bread and drinks wine.
(b) He slips out unnoticed.
(c) He speaks to the group.
(d) He speaks to the hare-lipped girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he lies on his sleeping mat, what conclusion does Barabbas come to about the things he saw on Golgotha?

2. Where does Barabbas spend his first night after arriving in Jerusalem?

3. What event does Barabbas deny seeing that the red-bearded man describes seeing on Golgotha.

4. What does the believer that Barabbas meets in the village on the mountain tell him?

5. What does the hare-lipped girl do after the red-beaded man speaks to the Christians?

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