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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 123 through 144.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the red-beaded man feel guilty?
(a) He betrayed his Master by denying him.
(b) He stole money from the disciples.
(c) He betrayed his Master to the Roman soldiers.
(d) He lied to Barabbas.

2. What might Barabbas have been doing in Lebanon?
(a) Making clay pots.
(b) Being cruel to the Christians.
(c) Praying at the temple.
(d) Languishing in jail.

3. When is the body of the murder victim discovered?
(a) After the stoning is over.
(b) Moments after the murder.
(c) The next day.
(d) Three days later.

4. What reaction does Barabbas have to the red-bearded man's claims about the crucified man?
(a) Barabbas accuses the red-beaded man of lying.
(b) Barabbas laughs at the red-bearded man.
(c) Barabbas walks away.
(d) Barabbas tells the red-bearded man his belief is flawed.

5. What does the red-bearded man do when he discovers that Barabbas has been eavesdropping?
(a) He stays.
(b) He glares at Barabbas.
(c) He ignores Barabbas and continues to talk to his friend.
(d) He yells at Barabbas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does the passing group of men call Barabbas?

2. What does Sahak talk to the overseer about when questioned about his prayer activities?

3. How is Barabbas treated when he inquires about the processions in the city?

4. Whom does Sahak claim he belongs to?

5. What does Sahak inscribe on the back of Barabbas' slave medallion?

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