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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 103 through 122.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Barabbas kill at the stoning pit?
(a) The true believer.
(b) The potter.
(c) The blind man.
(d) The Pharisee.

2. What explanation did the red-bearded man give for Barabbas's interest in the crucified man?
(a) Barabbas is seeking a father figure.
(b) Barabbas needs a spiritual leader.
(c) Barabbas is reacting out of guilt.
(d) The crucified man had called Barabbas to follow him.

3. Why does Barabbas feel he has a stronger bond with Jesus than the Christians?
(a) Because Jesus was a loner, like himself.
(b) Because they share the same birthday.
(c) Because Jesus literally died in his place on the cross.
(d) Because Barabbas sees Jesus for who he really is.

4. What religious philosophy does the overseer have?
(a) One God for all men.
(b) Worship no one and worry about nothing.
(c) Worship all gods so none of them will be offended.
(d) Worship the state that takes care of you.

5. What does Sahak talk to the overseer about when questioned about his prayer activities?
(a) His miracle.
(b) His wounded leg.
(c) The harsh conditions in the mine.
(d) God, Jesus, and the Christian faith.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the one-eyed slave only have one eye?

2. What might Barabbas have been doing in Lebanon?

3. What do the believers begin to call Barabbas after he returns from his visit to the village on the mountain?

4. What does the blind man find offensive about the hare-lipped girl?

5. What event takes place in the low-vaulted room?

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