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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 82 through 102.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was inscribed on the back of Sahak's slave medallion?
(a) Symbols that represent Jesus' name.
(b) The name of the mine owner.
(c) The mark of the Roman state.
(d) A cross.

2. How does the believer describe the "realm of the dead"?
(a) A path of light.
(b) As nothing.
(c) A beautiful meadow.
(d) Just like home, only cleaner and better.

3. What did Jesus tell the hare-lipped girl she would do?
(a) Become whole.
(b) Tell the Pharisees about him.
(c) Bear witness for him.
(d) Become famous.

4. What does Barabbas ask the woman who talks about the man on the cross?
(a) What kinds of miracles he performed and sermons he delivered.
(b) Where his body was laid and what was supposed to happen to it.
(c) What type of crime was he accused of.
(d) Who his followers were.

5. What secret about Eliahu does no one know?
(a) Eliahu is a Pharisee.
(b) Eliahu betrayed Jesus.
(c) Eliahu is the hare-lipped girl's brother.
(d) Eliahu is Barabbas' father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would Barabbas normally avoid Golgotha?

2. At the end of the evening, who is left with the Fat Woman?

3. What happened to Barabbas's mother after she gave birth to him?

4. Who throws the first stone during the hare-lipped girl's execution?

5. What does Barabbas ask the girl he meets in Jerusalem?

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