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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 82 through 102.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who releases Barabbas and Sahak from the mines?
(a) The Emperor.
(b) The overseer.
(c) The red-bearded man.
(d) Their owner.

2. How does Eliahu die?
(a) The fat woman poisions him.
(b) The Roman crucify him.
(c) The Christians stone him.
(d) Barbabbas hurls him off a cliff.

3. What does the blind man accuse the hare-lipped girl of?
(a) Adultery.
(b) Heresy.
(c) Soothsaying.
(d) Theft.

4. What was inscribed on the front of Sahak's slave medallion?
(a) His own name, written in Hebrew.
(b) The name of the mine owner.
(c) The mark of the Roman state.
(d) Symbols that represent Jesus' name.

5. After Barabbas returns to the believers after his visit to the village on the mountain, what does he tell the believers?
(a) Jesus did the right thing, but that doesn't make him the Son of God.
(b) The man on the mountain is insane.
(c) The man on the mountain is posessed.
(d) Jesus had no right to raise the believer from the dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Jesus tell the hare-lipped girl she would do?

2. What does Barabbas think about as he carries the hare-lipped girl's body?

3. What was inscribed on the back of Sahak's slave medallion?

4. How old is Barabbas when he becomes a slave in a Roman governor's house?

5. What religious philosophy does the overseer have?

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