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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 42 through 63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Barabbas choose to attend the crucifixion?
(a) He feels a strange power prompting him to attend the crucifixion.
(b) His friends encourage him to go.
(c) He wants to see the man who took his place.
(d) He is swept along with the crowd.

2. After leaving the tomb, whom does Barabbas question about Christian doctrine?
(a) The blind man.
(b) The hare-lipped girl.
(c) The red-bearded man.
(d) The potter.

3. What does the hare-lipped girl believe will happen once the third day after the crucifixion has passed?
(a) The sick will be healed and the hungry will be fed.
(b) The Roman Empire will fall.
(c) The world will be destroyed.
(d) The emperor will die.

4. What does Barabbas notice about the tomb when the sun rises?
(a) It is glowing.
(b) It seems normal.
(c) It shines.
(d) It is empty.

5. Why does Barabbas feel he has a stronger bond with Jesus than the Christians?
(a) Because Jesus literally died in his place on the cross.
(b) Because Jesus was a loner, like himself.
(c) Because Barabbas sees Jesus for who he really is.
(d) Because they share the same birthday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would Barabbas normally avoid Golgotha?

2. What did the hare-lipped girl see at the tomb?

3. Towards the end of his conversation with Barabbas, what does the passing group of men tell the red-beaded man?

4. Why does Barabbas feel uncomfortable with the group?

5. Where does Barabbas spend his first night after arriving in Jerusalem?

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