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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 42 through 63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Barabbas choose to attend the crucifixion?
(a) He is swept along with the crowd.
(b) He feels a strange power prompting him to attend the crucifixion.
(c) His friends encourage him to go.
(d) He wants to see the man who took his place.

2. After Barabbas returns to the believers after his visit to the village on the mountain, what does he tell the believers?
(a) The man on the mountain is insane.
(b) Jesus did the right thing, but that doesn't make him the Son of God.
(c) The man on the mountain is posessed.
(d) Jesus had no right to raise the believer from the dead.

3. Where does the hare-lipped girl live?
(a) With the fat woman.
(b) Near the temple.
(c) In the low-vaulted room.
(d) At the Dung Gate.

4. Why does Barabbas feel uncomfortable with the group?
(a) He is not one of the group.
(b) He is the only man in the group.
(c) They stare angrily at him.
(d) He wishes to steal, but cannot.

5. What event takes place in the low-vaulted room?
(a) A trial.
(b) A prayer meeting.
(c) An execution.
(d) A large, boisterous party.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would Barabbas normally avoid Golgotha?

2. Whom does Barabbas see near his hiding place?

3. What does the hare-lipped girl do after the red-beaded man speaks to the Christians?

4. What event does Barabbas deny seeing that the red-bearded man describes seeing on Golgotha.

5. What does the believer that Barabbas meets in the village on the mountain tell him?

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