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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 42 through 63.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the evening, who is left with the Fat Woman?
(a) Barabbas
(b) The other women.
(c) The girl.
(d) Everyone stays the night.

2. How do the Christians react to Barabbas' presence?
(a) They angrily cast him out of the assembly.
(b) They cheerfully weclome him into their homes.
(c) They appear indifferent to his presence.
(d) They are uncomfortable around him.

3. Why does the red-beaded man feel guilty?
(a) He betrayed his Master to the Roman soldiers.
(b) He betrayed his Master by denying him.
(c) He stole money from the disciples.
(d) He lied to Barabbas.

4. How does the girl that Barabbas meets in Jerusalem appear?
(a) She is dressed in rags and is obviously hungry.
(b) She is dressed like a whore.
(c) She seems tired and worn out.
(d) She is well dressed and well fed.

5. Where does the hare-lipped girl live?
(a) In the low-vaulted room.
(b) With the fat woman.
(c) Near the temple.
(d) At the Dung Gate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the believer find odd about Barabbas's question?

2. How does Barabbas react to the comments that the passing group of men make towards him and the red-beaded man?

3. Why doesn't Barabbas believe Jesus is the Son of God?

4. How well does Barabbas sleep during his first night after arriving in Jerusalem?

5. What does the woman at the Fat Woman's house say about the man on the cross?

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