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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 22 through 41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During his first night after arriving in Jerusalem, what does Barabbas think about as he lies on his sleeping mat?
(a) The fat woman.
(b) His father.
(c) The girl and the child.
(d) The man on the cross and the darkness on the hill.

2. What does Barabbas notice about the woman he believes is the mother of the man on the cross?
(a) She seems unable to demonstrate the full depths of her grief.
(b) She cries and clings to a man who grieves for Jesus.
(c) She stares angrily at him.
(d) She looks older than her years.

3. What did the hare-lipped girl not ask Jesus to do for her?
(a) Heal her deformed lip.
(b) Make Barabbas love her.
(c) Feed her.
(d) Make her wealthy.

4. Barabbas overhears two men talking the day after the crucifixion; What does Barabbas think they are talking about?
(a) The crucified man.
(b) The quiet marketplace.
(c) The dim sunlight.
(d) The hare-lipped girl.

5. While in the Fat Woman's house in Jerusalem, where do the men occasionally go?
(a) Outside to use the restroom.
(b) Upstairs to have a smoke.
(c) Behind the curtain with the women.
(d) Out to get more wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event does Barabbas deny seeing that the red-bearded man describes seeing on Golgotha.

2. How does Barabbas refer to the girl he meets in Jerusalem?

3. As he lies on his sleeping mat, what conclusion does Barabbas come to about the things he saw on Golgotha?

4. Whom does Barabbas see near his hiding place?

5. What does Barabbas ask the woman who talks about the man on the cross?

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