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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1 through 21)


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The book opens with an execution--a crucifixion during the rule of the Roman Empire. One man watches as another dies in his place. Crucifixion was a common form of execution during that era. The objective of this lesson is to explore the crucifixion and how it affects the characters in the story.


1. As a class, discuss the concept of capital punishment. Are executions still held today? If so, what offenses merit capital punishment? What forms of capital punishment are implemented today during executions? What forms of capital punishment have been used in the past? Why is crucifixion no longer used in society as a form of capital punishment? What was the purpose of holding a public, rather than private crucifixion? How does that differ from the capital punishment used today?

2. Reflecting on the class discussion, have each student write a reflection on how...

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