Barabbas Character Descriptions

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This character is awaiting execution when he is unexpectedly set free.


This character is an Armenian slave who once worked in the copper mines.

The Red-Bearded Man of Galilee

This character speaks of Jesus' ministry and his death before he is executed by the Romans.

The Fat Woman

This character runs an establishment that is possibly a house of prostitution.

The Hare-Lipped Girl

This character lives on the streets and stoned to death for outspoken belief.

The Resurrected Man

This character has vacant eyes and yellow skin and swears that a miracle occurred.


This character knifed a close relative, leaving a facial scar.

The Blind Man

This character lives near the Dung Gate and initiates a stoning.

The True Believer

This character is knifed during a stoning.

Mary, the Mother

This character seems unable to truly express her grief over losing an adult child.

The Roman Governor

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