Barabbas Character Descriptions

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Barabbas - This character is awaiting execution when he is unexpectedly set free.

Sahak - This character is an Armenian slave who once worked in the copper mines.

The Red-Bearded Man of Galilee - This character speaks of Jesus' ministry and his death before he is executed by the Romans.

The Fat Woman - This character runs an establishment that is possibly a house of prostitution.

The Hare-Lipped Girl - This character lives on the streets and stoned to death for outspoken belief.

The Resurrected Man - This character has vacant eyes and yellow skin and swears that a miracle occurred.

Eliahu - This character knifed a close relative, leaving a facial scar.

The Blind Man - This character lives near the Dung Gate and initiates a stoning.

The True Believer - This character is knifed during a stoning.

Mary, the Mother - This character seems unable...

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