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Chapter Abstracts

* Barabbas stands at the edge of the group gathered by Jesus' cross.

* Barabbas watches as Jesus walks up the hill and follows the procession.

* Barabbas feels a strange urge to attend the crucifixion.

* Barabbas watches the mourners near the cross.

* Barabbas notices Jesus' mother who stops and gives him a look of "helplessness and reproach."

* Barabbas notices a halo of light around Jesus as he prepares to go up the hill.

* The hill goes dark just before Jesus dies and the soldiers to jump to their feet and grab their weapons.

* Barabbas goes to Jerusalem where he meets the girl with the hare-lip.

* Barabbas asks the girl if she's received news from Gilgal.

* Barabbas is greeted by friends as he walks down the street.

* Barabbas and the girl visit the Fat Woman's house.

* Barabbas and his friends discuss his good fortune at being pardoned.

* Barabbas gives...

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