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James Ramsey Ullman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Saxo and Winter headed back to Broli?
(a) To get a tent.
(b) To get supplies.
(c) To make a call to his wife.
(d) To finish writing his will.

2. What resolve deepened in Rudi?
(a) To make his father proud.
(b) To never slip.
(c) To be loyal to the Herr.
(d) Not to fail them or betray their trust.

3. Who convinces Franz to climb the Citadel?
(a) Rudi.
(b) Teo.
(c) The other guides of Kurtal.
(d) Captain Winter.

4. Why wouldn't Franz continue to the top of the mountain, despite Winter insisting he do so?
(a) Rudi wasn't fit to travel.
(b) Rudi had gotten hurt climbing through the Needle.
(c) Winter insisted he stay.
(d) A guide of Kurtal does not leave his Herr on the mountain.

5. Where had Winter been hurt?
(a) His leg.
(b) His arm.
(c) His head.
(d) His hand.

6. What did Rudi still have in his hands?
(a) His crampons.
(b) The rope.
(c) The ax.
(d) Balls of snow.

7. Why didn't Rudi continue down the hillside?
(a) He wanted to climb the peak in the morning.
(b) He kept slipping on the snow-covered rocks.
(c) He knew Franz would be wroth if he didn't.
(d) He thought that his mother would be too worried.

8. Why was not going on worst for Rudi?
(a) He was both able and willing to do so.
(b) His uncle was preventing him from going up.
(c) Winter would have wanted him to do it.
(d) He had insisted he go.

9. Why does Saxo think that so many people have come to the hut?
(a) To plot against them.
(b) To hurt them so they can't go up the mountain.
(c) To create a situation in which no one goes up the mountain.
(d) To keep them from climbing the mountain.

10. What made Rudi happy?
(a) He was higher than any person had ever been before on the Citadel.
(b) He had proved his father was right.
(c) All of these.
(d) There was a straight forward route past the Fortress and beyond.

11. Why did Saxo say he was climbing the Citadel?
(a) For all the climbers that had perished before him.
(b) For Winter.
(c) For his wife.
(d) For the glory of himself and Broli.

12. Why did Saxo think that Josef and Stephenson couldn't find the way up the eastern face?
(a) The Kurtal guide wasn't as skilled as a guide from Broli.
(b) They didn't look hard enough, or perhaps not have the skill.
(c) The weather might not have been as good.
(d) Stephenson was injured, and therefore they had to find a route to suit him.

13. What did Rudi see on the cliff above?
(a) A seagull.
(b) A chamois.
(c) A mountain goat.
(d) An eagle.

14. Why does Rudi think he can make it through the eye of the needle?
(a) He is smaller.
(b) He found the way past the Fortress.
(c) He had the faith of the group on his shoulders.
(d) He had become a good climber.

15. Why hadn't Rudi turned around when he knew he needed to?
(a) The magic of the mountain drew him on.
(b) He didn't want to explain to Klaus why he'd turned around.
(c) He didn't want to tell Winter why he hadn't gone down to Kurtal.
(d) He wasn't looking forward to his uncles' wrath.

Short Answer Questions

1. What motivated Rudi to go on?

2. For what was Frau Matt's prayer of thankfulness?

3. How does Winter explain that they should approach the mountain as a group?

4. What thought caused the specter to leave?

5. Why didn't Rudi yodel when he had gotten to where he stood?

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