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James Ramsey Ullman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What approximate time was it when the group had moved past the Needle?
(a) Early evening.
(b) Early afternoon.
(c) Late evening.
(d) Mid-afternoon.

2. What had changed about the night?
(a) It had gotten colder.
(b) It had gotten clearer.
(c) It had gotten warmer.
(d) The stars had come out.

3. Why did Saxo think that Josef and Stephenson couldn't find the way up the eastern face?
(a) They didn't look hard enough, or perhaps not have the skill.
(b) The Kurtal guide wasn't as skilled as a guide from Broli.
(c) Stephenson was injured, and therefore they had to find a route to suit him.
(d) The weather might not have been as good.

4. What had disappeared with Rudi's fear?
(a) The feeling of being alone.
(b) The terror.
(c) The specter.
(d) The need to run away.

5. What made Rudi happy?
(a) All of these.
(b) There was a straight forward route past the Fortress and beyond.
(c) He was higher than any person had ever been before on the Citadel.
(d) He had proved his father was right.

6. What was the main reason that Saxo gave that he wouldn't climb with Franz?
(a) "A man of Broli is more skilled than a Kurtaler".
(b) "A Kurtaler is too good to climb with a man of Broli".
(c) " A man of Broli does not climb with a Kurtaler".
(d) "A man of Broli is better than a Kurtaler".

7. How long did it take Rudi to reach the top of the bergschrund?
(a) An hour.
(b) A half hour.
(c) Forty minutes.
(d) Two hours.

8. How long would Rudi give himself to go up?
(a) Another hour.
(b) Forty-five minutes.
(c) Three hours.
(d) Another two hours.

9. Who convinces Franz to climb the Citadel?
(a) Captain Winter.
(b) Teo.
(c) The other guides of Kurtal.
(d) Rudi.

10. What did Rudi compare Saxo to in his injury?
(a) A caged animal.
(b) A greenhorn.
(c) A wounded beast.
(d) A fallen giant.

11. Why couldn't Winter continue up the mountain?
(a) He had fallen and was in pain.
(b) He was struck with paroxysms of coughing.
(c) His feet hurt.
(d) He was too tired.

12. What did Franz see that caused him to pause?
(a) Blood in the snow.
(b) Rudi's father's red sweater.
(c) Rudi's boots.
(d) Rudi's knapsack.

13. About how many feet were above Rudi?
(a) Almost one thousand.
(b) Almost twenty two hundred.
(c) Almost two thousand.
(d) Almost three thousand.

14. What had changed in Winter's appearance?
(a) His eyes had become brighter.
(b) His cheeks had regained their color.
(c) His eyes appeared less tired.
(d) His cheeks were less sunken.

15. Who stands up for Rudi and prevents Franz from taking him down the mountain?
(a) Klaus Wesselhoft.
(b) Captain Winter.
(c) Teo.
(d) Saxo.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Winter explain that they should approach the mountain as a group?

2. What does Winter tell Rudi to do that scares him?

3. Why was not going on worst for Rudi?

4. Who does Franz blame for Rudi's disappearance?

5. What thought caused the specter to leave?

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