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James Ramsey Ullman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What thought caused the specter to leave?
(a) That the only ghost would be that of his father.
(b) That it wanted to cause him no harm.
(c) That ghosts aren't real.
(d) That he was Josef Matt's son.

2. Why did Saxo say he was climbing the Citadel?
(a) For the glory of himself and Broli.
(b) For Winter.
(c) For his wife.
(d) For all the climbers that had perished before him.

3. What dismayed Rudi?
(a) He could only move at such a pace and not beyond it.
(b) He knew the others would be up and knew what he was doing.
(c) Time and space had lost meaning.
(d) He thought Saxo had already reached the summit.

4. What had awakened Rudi?
(a) A sound.
(b) The wailing wind.
(c) A scream.
(d) The dream.

5. Who was it that brought Rudi's belongings further?
(a) Rudi.
(b) Winter.
(c) Saxo.
(d) Franz.

6. Where did Rudi realize he was?
(a) Too far away from the ground.
(b) In the same cave in which his father and Sir Stephenson had died.
(c) On the Citadel's Fortress.
(d) Far away from home.

7. What must always come first in any situation?
(a) The maintenance of group responsibility.
(b) The help of another climber.
(c) The responsibility of a porter to the guide.
(d) The injuries of a person in trouble.

8. Why does Rudi think he can make it through the eye of the needle?
(a) He is smaller.
(b) He had the faith of the group on his shoulders.
(c) He found the way past the Fortress.
(d) He had become a good climber.

9. What approximate time was it when the group had moved past the Needle?
(a) Early evening.
(b) Mid-afternoon.
(c) Late evening.
(d) Early afternoon.

10. Why was not going on worst for Rudi?
(a) His uncle was preventing him from going up.
(b) Winter would have wanted him to do it.
(c) He had insisted he go.
(d) He was both able and willing to do so.

11. About how many feet were above Rudi?
(a) Almost two thousand.
(b) Almost twenty two hundred.
(c) Almost three thousand.
(d) Almost one thousand.

12. What made Rudi happy?
(a) He was higher than any person had ever been before on the Citadel.
(b) There was a straight forward route past the Fortress and beyond.
(c) All of these.
(d) He had proved his father was right.

13. What warmed Rudi more than either tent or blanket?
(a) The fact that he had gotten lead.
(b) The group trusted Rudi.
(c) His uncle's presence.
(d) Rudi was actually on the mountain he'd dreamed of as a kid.

14. What made Rudi not want to go back to Kurtal?
(a) His uncles' anger and his mother's tears.
(b) All of these.
(c) The dirty dishes at the Beau Site Hotel.
(d) The mocking laughter of Klaus Weisselhoft.

15. How did Rudi's uncle respond to him threading the needle?
(a) He held him tight.
(b) He told him he would never again use another porter.
(c) He was aloof.
(d) He was full of praise for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What honor was bestowed upon Rudi?

2. What made Franz angry?

3. Where did Rudi keep near when he had approached the area in which the avalanche had occurred the day before?

4. Where did the guides think that Rudi was?

5. What does Winter tell Rudi to do that scares him?

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