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James Ramsey Ullman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18, The Heights.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What mountain was used as a "practice mountain" by guides and visiting climbers?
(a) Felsburg.
(b) Felsberg.
(c) Feldsberg.
(d) Feldspar.

2. What were tourists called?
(a) Ausslander.
(b) Tourista.
(c) Auslander.
(d) Outlanders.

3. Why did Frau Matt consider herself in the wrong?
(a) For worrying about Rudi when truly he is a capable climber.
(b) She had kept Rudi from pursuing his dreams all this time.
(c) For pushing the townsfolk to lie to cover up Rudi's whereabouts.
(d) She had reacted without thinking of her son's wishes.

4. What was the proprietor of the moving shadow?
(a) A foraging dog.
(b) A wolf.
(c) A tourist couple.
(d) A homeless person.

5. Why didn't Rudi get his staff?
(a) He didn't want to slow the men down.
(b) He didn't want to heft his "childs' toy" in front of the men.
(c) He didn't want anyone seeing where he had hidden it.
(d) He had no need of it, having gotten an ice ax.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why couldn't Winter and the group climb the rocks?

2. What did Teo tell the waitress?

3. What didn't Captain Winter buy for Rudi?

4. How did Rudi react to Captain Winters' story of his rescue?

5. Where did Rudi place the staff?

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