Daily Lessons for Teaching Banner in the Sky

James Ramsey Ullman
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, A Boy and a Mountain)


Rudi has a dream of climbing the Citadel, and despite neither his Uncle nor his Mother supporting him in his dreams, he shows a determination to achieve those dreams regardless.

The objective of this lesson is to gain a better understanding of your own dreams.


1) Initiate a class discussion on where your students would like to be when they are thirty. What do they see themselves doing? What kinds of things are they good at?

2) Break the class into groups of two or three and have each group discuss what things motivates them. What is their reason for their drive to succeed? What keeps them going despite all odds, exhaustion and self doubt?

3) Have each student write a short essay on what they feel their parents want them to do when they are thirty. What professions do their parents have? Are they hoping they will...

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