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James Ramsey Ullman
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Chapter 1, A Boy and a Mountain

• Rudi is a 16-year-old boy with a light complexion, and small build who wants nothing more than to climb the Citadel, a mountain that borders his town of Kurtal where his father had died long ago.

• Though Rudi is constantly reminded of his father's legacy, his remaining family want him to have nothing to do with his father's profession; instead insisting that Rudi go into the safe occupation of a hotel.

• Rudi sneaks out of the kitchen and up the slopes, being careful to remain unseen, and though he runs from the town, when Rudi hits an alpine meadow, he stops running.

• Rudi comes to the treeline and stops at a memorial to his father and prays as he always does when passing it, stopping only again to get his climbing staff from the boughs of one of the trees.

• Rudi stops...

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