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Short Answer Questions

1. Which team does Bruce play for after college?

2. What title is Henry given as he begins playing baseball again?

3. Which position does Dutch have on the team?

4. Why does Henry refuse to sign his baseball contract in Chapter 4?

5. Different from the earlier location given in the book, which of these is actually Bruce's hometown?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Sid disappointed about the celebration from the night before in Chapter 16?

2. Which questions does Dutch ask Henry in Chapter 7?

3. Which actions does Dutch take in an attempt to fix some of the Mammoth's problems?

4. Which question does Dutch repeatedly ask Bruce, and why?

5. What happens after a rained out game when Bruce goes to the hospital?

6. What causes Bruce to ask Henry to change his insurance policy?

7. What surprises the announcers during a game in Chapter 17?

8. Which types of employment does Henry have as the story begins?

9. How does Dutch respond to Henry's contract negotiating?

10. What caused Bruce to join and leave World War II?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

While Henry is away from home, he and Holly use creativity to communicate with each other.

1) Compare the technology in the 1950s to current times and discuss which aspects of it are mentioned in the story.

2) Describe three examples of how creativity is used in the book to compensate for technology that had not yet been developed.

3) Analyze the role of technology in the settings for a fictional work.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the use of foreshadowing in literature, by detailing three examples from Bang the Drum Slowly.

Essay Topic 3

Bang the Drum Slowly is preceded by the book, Southpaw, which was also written by Harris in Henry's narrative.

1) Describe three examples of how Southpaw is referenced in the book.

2) Explain why the character introductions in Bang the Drum Slowly are different than other fictional works.

3) Analyze the effect that a previous book with the same characters can have on the writing of fiction.

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