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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way does Henry respond to Dutch's persistent questioning?
(a) He asks him to stop the questioning.
(b) He ignores him.
(c) He becomes upset.
(d) He begins asking questions of his own.

2. According to the detective, where has Bruce been for medical treatment?
(a) Minnesota and Houston.
(b) Minnesota and Atlanta.
(c) Houston and Atlanta.
(d) Minnesota, Houston, and Atlanta.

3. How many games is the team playing in Boston in Chapter 17?
(a) Several.
(b) Two.
(c) One.
(d) A few.

4. Which type of a song are other players making up about Katie?
(a) Short.
(b) Irrational.
(c) Obscene.
(d) Long.

5. What are the players complaining about as they look at their place in the league?
(a) The previous game.
(b) The upcoming game.
(c) The length of the season.
(d) The length of the practice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What title is Henry given as he begins playing baseball again?

2. What do the letters of the game, Tegwar, stand for?

3. What do Bruce's parents do to pass the time while sitting on their front porch?

4. Which of the following aspects of the country life amazes Henry in Chapter 4?

5. Who is Joe collecting money from in Chapter 13?

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