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Bainbridge, Georgia

This is the nearest actual town to Bruce's birthplace.

Mill, Georgia

This is the name of Bruce's official birthplace that consists of Bruce's parents' house and a mill.

The New York Mammoths

This is the fictional baseball team that Bruce and Henry play for; they end up winning the championship.

The Southpaw

This is the name of the previous book before Bang the Drum Slowly, and Henry often refers to having written it, although it was actually written by Mark Harris, the real author of both books.

600 Dollars

This is the name that Holly and Henry call their unborn baby because they think it will be a boy, and a successful baseball player.

Rochester, Minnesota

This is the location of the hospital that Henry travels to after receiving the phone call from Bruce in the beginning of the story.

Hodgkin's Disease

This is the illness that...

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