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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In Bang the Drum Slowly, a first person narrative is given from the perspective of Henry Wiggen. This lesson is about the tone of Henry's narrative as opposed to the subject matter in the main storyline.


1) Class Discussion: Who is Henry Wiggen? What makes his character interesting from a literary viewpoint? Why might Harris have selected Henry as the character to tell the story? Does the class think the book is more entertaining because it is written from the perspective of one of the main characters? Why or why not?

2) Writing and Analysis: Have the class take 15 minutes and write down 3 characteristics of the tone of Henry's narrative in Chapter 1. Afterward, talk about the answers and some examples of the light tone of Henry.

3) Partner or Group Discussion: What is the main storyline that is introduced in Chapter 1? How does that compare to the...

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