So Far from the Bamboo Grove Short Essay - Answer Key

Yoko Kawashima Watkins
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1. Why is the Kawashima family, of Japanese origin, living in Korea?

Father works for the Japanese government located in Manchuria.

2. What is the symbolism of Yoko's Mt. Fuji paperweight?

Yoko's grandmother had given her the paperweight which has an image of Mt. Fuji, a site of cultural significance to the Japanese. Yoko dreams of her native country when she looks at the paperweight.

3. What war-time preparations are being made by Yoko's family in Chapter 1?

The family constructs a shelter made mostly of bamboo in addition to packing emergency rucksacks. Students at the school have to dig trenches to hide in if there is an air raid.

4. What sort of traditional Japanese activities is Yoko learning at school?

Yoko is learning the art of calligraphy, how to carry out a tea ceremony, flower arranging, poetry writing, and dance.

5. Why do the students perform at the hospital?

The students perform at the hospital to entertain the injured soldiers and to lift their spirits.

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