Objects & Places from So Far from the Bamboo Grove

Yoko Kawashima Watkins
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This place is located in northwestern part of Korea. It is Yoko's hometown.

Railroad Tracks

This serves as an important pathway for the family as it makes its way south. Many Japanese are also murdered here when they are caught.


This place is the capital of South Korea where Japanese people running away from the Korean Communists often flee to.


This place is a port town where refugees who want to return to Japan often congregate.


This place is where refugees returning to Japan first land.


This Japanese city was spared from bombing during the war. Ko and Yoko make their home there.


This place is where Ko and Yoko live, thanks to Mrs. Masuda.

Sagano Girls' School

This place is where Yoko studies.

Mother's Wrapping Cloth

This object is where mother hides money which is later discovered by Yoko.

Yoko's Shoes

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