So Far from the Bamboo Grove Character Descriptions

Yoko Kawashima Watkins
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This character narrates the story from a mature perspective and with an innate sense of respect for people and society.


This character assumes the role of caregiver early in life and is willing to do nearly anything to survive, while maintaining the family's honor.


This character demonstrates great endurance and places a high value on education.


This character nearly dies in a storm, but after posing as a native Korean.

Corporal Matsumura

This character makes a conscious choice to fight for life after being injured.

Mr. Kim

This character is a farmer who cares for others like family.

Mrs. Masuda

This character provides shelter, pots, and pans in Kyoto.

Mr. Naido

This character suffers from a speech impediment and provides school supplies for those in need.

Korean Communists

These characters serve as the antagonists throughout the story; they must be avoided as they kill...

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