So Far from the Bamboo Grove Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Yoko Kawashima Watkins
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Chapter 1

• It is July 29, 1945 in Nanam, Korea.

• Several characters are introduced: Yoko, Ko, Hideyo, and mother.

• The family is fleeing to a train station in hopes of returning to their native Japan.

• Father works for the Japanese government in Manchuria.
• Soldiers confiscate the family's prized possessions.

• Yoko wakes up in a hospital, having been beaten by a soldier.

• Daily life at school had been changing for a while and Yoko is pleased to not have to attend while in the hospital.

• Students were being forced to study minimally and do work to contribute towards the war effort for the rest of the day.

• Father and Hideyo work on building a shelter for the family.

• The family prepares emergency rucksacks.
• Yoko studies about Japanese culture at school including calligraphy, tea ceremonies, flower arranging, poetry, and dance.

• The residents of the town learn that Tokyo has been destroyed in the...

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