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Short Answer Questions

1. What is unusual about Mrs. Smith's statement about having changed her dress?

2. How does Mrs. Smith offer to help the Fire Chief?

3. What inconsistencies exist about Mrs. Watson's appearance?

4. Why doesn't Mr. Smith believe that Dr. Mackenzie-King is a good doctor?

5. Why does Mr. Smith refuse to follow the advice he is given by the Fire Chief?

Short Essay Questions

1. What unspoken rules of society are broken by the characters?

2. What topic begins the conversation of the play?

3. What satirical elements exist in the play?

4. Describe the setting of the play.

5. How do the characters react to Mary's poem, "The Fire"?

6. How is Realism used in the play?

7. How do the characters deviate from their assigned stations in life?

8. What effect does the outcome of the play have on the characters?

9. What cycle exists in the play?

10. What conflicts arise in the play and how are they resolved?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What stereotypes are found within the play? What is the purpose of each stereotype? Is any change evident in the development of the characters, and how does character development affect the progress of the action?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the effect the outcome of the play has on the characters. List examples of how the characters have been affected by their conversation. What effect might the outcome of the play have on the audience? Compare and contrast the audience's potential reaction to the play with that of the character's reaction to the evening.

Essay Topic 3

How does the lack of logic affect the dialogue and action among the characters? What effect does illogical reasoning have on the stability of the conversation? List at three specific incidents involving illogical reasoning or behavior and discuss how each scene supports the theme of the play.

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