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Short Answer Questions

1. Before he leaves, what comment does the Fire Chief make that causes embarrassment to the other characters?

2. Which mildly offensive word does Mrs. Smith begin to chant after Mr. Smith begins his bird name chant?

3. Which character does Mrs. Smith advise to read poetry before a mirror?

4. What orders has the Fire Chief been given?

5. Whom does Mrs. Smith believe is dishonest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What satirical elements exist in the play?

2. How does Mr. Smith know the Fire Chief?

3. Describe the setting of the play.

4. How do Mary and the Fire Chief shock the Smiths and the Martins?

5. Describe the story of the calf that gave birth to a cow.

6. What argument erupts over the doorbell?

7. What cycle exists in the play?

8. Describe the story of "The Snake and the Fox."

9. What dull story does Mrs. Martin tell to amaze Mr. Martin and the Smiths?

10. Describe the plot behind Mrs. Smith's story of the man who bought flowers.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What societal rules are broken in the play and how does the blatant disregard for other characters feelings reflect the value each character places on the others? Based on their actions within the society on stage, what value do the characters place on themselves? How does the disregard for others feelings contrast with the appearance of polite English society the characters attempt to emulate?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the effect the outcome of the play has on the characters. List examples of how the characters have been affected by their conversation. What effect might the outcome of the play have on the audience? Compare and contrast the audience's potential reaction to the play with that of the character's reaction to the evening.

Essay Topic 3

Why is "The Bald Soprano" considered an "anti-play?" What elements of traditional script development have been changed? How does the "anti-play" express its theme without the traditional elements of literature?

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