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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mr. Smith refuse to follow the advice he is given by the Fire Chief?
(a) He does not want tea.
(b) It is raining.
(c) He already kissed his wife.
(d) He cannot find the matches.

2. Whom does Mrs. Smith believe is dishonest?
(a) The Royal Navy.
(b) Mr. Smith.
(c) Sailors.
(d) Dr. Mackenzie-King.

3. According to Mrs. Smith, what must one look out of in real life?
(a) Thin air.
(b) The door.
(c) The window.
(d) Rose tinted glasses.

4. What conclusion do Mr. and Mrs. Martin reach at the end of their discussion?
(a) They do not know each other.
(b) They are siblings.
(c) They are cousins.
(d) They are married.

5. In the last scene, where does Mr. Smith wish to live?
(a) Somewhere over the rainbow.
(b) In his cabana among his cacao trees.
(c) In a treehouse in London park.
(d) In the south of France.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who briefly begins the play again after the last scene?

2. Who is at the door when Mrs. Smith opens it?

3. In Mr. Smith's story, "The Snake and the Fox", what weapon does the fox possess?

4. What inconsistencies exist about Bobby Watson's demise?

5. Why can't Mrs. Smith read the clock?

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