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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Mr. Smith, what is the reason for a ringing doorbell?
(a) The tea is ready.
(b) Someone is at the door waiting to be admitted.
(c) No one is at the door.
(d) The fire is out.

2. In the story, "The Headcold", what was blonde Marie's profession?
(a) A monophysite priest.
(b) A schoolteacher.
(c) A typist.
(d) A grocer.

3. What observation does Mr. Smith make about the human heart?
(a) It does not really exist.
(b) It is easily fooled.
(c) It is ageless.
(d) It is easily broken.

4. What is unusual about Mrs. Smith's statement about having changed her dress?
(a) She is still wearing the same clothes as before.
(b) She is wearing a bathrobe.
(c) Her dress is on backwards.
(d) She is wearing Mr. Smith's suit.

5. According to the Fire Chief, what is the reason for a ringing doorbell?
(a) The tea is ready but the scones are not always done.
(b) Sometimes, someone is there and sometimes, no one is there.
(c) To play a merry tune.
(d) To tell the homeowner the fire is out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why didn't Mr. Martin see himself in the mirror that morning?

2. What complaint does Mr. Smith have about women?

3. According to Mr. Martin, if a person sells an ox today, what will he have tomorrow?

4. According to Mr. Martin, who is Edward?

5. In the Fire Chief's story, "The Cock", which animal did the cock wish to play?

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