The Bald Soprano Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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• Mr. and Mrs. Smith sit in their armchairs after dinner.

• The clock strikes seventeen times.

• Mrs. Smith notes that it is nine o'clock.

• Mrs. and Mrs. Smith begin a trivial conversation about their dinner.

• Mrs. Smith describes the grocer who sells yogurt.

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith discuss Doctor Mackenzie-King.

• Mr. Smith declares that Dr. Mackenzie-King is a poor doctor.

• Mr. Smith compares physicians and their patients to captains and their ships.

• The clock strikes oddly, and is not keeping time well.

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith discuss Bobby Watson.

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith discuss the Watson family.

• The conversation becomes confusing as references to Mr. Bobby Watson's death are refuted and then confirmed again.

• The clock continues to strike out of sequence at odd times.

• The conversation becomes confusing when it is revealed that all the Watsons are named Bobby.

• Mr. and Mrs. Smith discuss the Watsons'...

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