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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Irma agree?
(a) Close her whorehouse.
(b) Allow the Queen to stay at her whorehouse.
(c) Become a double-agent.
(d) Impersonate the Queen.

2. Who does the Chief say shot Chantal?
(a) The Queen.
(b) The Rebels.
(c) The General.
(d) The Judge.

3. How might the people playing the officials feel on that balcony?
(a) Insecure.
(b) Powerful.
(c) Sad.
(d) Unsure.

4. What seduces the Bishop and prepares him to play his private fantasy role in public?
(a) The power of the robes.
(b) His relfection in the mirror.
(c) The Chief's compliments.
(d) Irma's voice.

5. What do the Bishop and Judge believe they will become?
(a) Martyrs.
(b) The people they are pretending to be.
(c) Tired of their roles as officials.
(d) Very popular.

6. Why do all the officials appear at once?
(a) They are afraid to go alone.
(b) To show their power and authority.
(c) The crowd wants to jeer at all of them at once.
(d) The Envoy hopes they will all be shot.

7. What do the Chief and Irma confess?
(a) They have been spying for the rebels for months.
(b) They love each other.
(c) They set off the explosion.
(d) They have been syping on the rebels for months.

8. What does the Envoy do with ribbons?
(a) He gives them to the Queen.
(b) He pins them to his chest.
(c) He honors the Chief with the ribbons.
(d) He puts them in his hair.

9. Why does the room shake?
(a) From an earthquake.
(b) From a tidal wave.
(c) From a huge explosion.
(d) From a tornado.

10. The authorities are planning to follow the usual pattern of what?
(a) Using the rebellion to enhance their own power.
(b) Attack and run.
(c) Using double-agents.
(d) Spying on the rebels.

11. Who else is preparing to play specific roles?
(a) Carmen and the other prostitutes.
(b) The General and the Judge.
(c) The Executioner and the Prisoner.
(d) Irma and Carmen.

12. Of what does the Chief remind the officials?
(a) They are important to the people of the country.
(b) They are real leaders now.
(c) They have limitless power.
(d) They are still in a whorehouse.

13. Why does Roger not want Chantal to go?
(a) He does not trust her.
(b) He loves her and is afraid for her.
(c) He wants to be the leader.
(d) He does not think she would make a good Queen.

14. Who bursts into the room?
(a) The police.
(b) The rebels.
(c) Three Photographers.
(d) Mark, Luke, Armand, and Roger.

15. What do the other officials tell the Chief?
(a) He does not deserve power.
(b) He should look for someone to pretend to be him.
(c) He should be patient.
(d) He should go out and get more power.

Short Answer Questions

1. Around what has the revolution mobilized?

2. Who does the Queen accuse of engineering Chantal's death?

3. Why is the Chief sure the officials will continue to play their roles?

4. Where has the Queen's staff managed to get to?

5. Who appears on the balcony?

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