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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the role of the Beggar?
(a) To show the poverty of the people.
(b) To show his hatred toward the Queen.
(c) To show that some of those in the crowd still revere the Queen.
(d) To kill the Queen.

2. What does the Envoy say is the most important message?
(a) The image.
(b) The laws.
(c) The kindness shown to the people.
(d) The voice.

3. What does the Envoy tell the Chief?
(a) The rebels are destroying his authority.
(b) No one has come into the whorehouse yet asking to pretend to be him.
(c) He is gaining in power.
(d) He is no longer useful in the fight against the rebels.

4. Around what has the revolution mobilized?
(a) Roger as the leader.
(b) Images of Chantal.
(c) The explosion at the Palace.
(d) Their success in forcing the Queen into hiding.

5. To what does Irma agree?
(a) Impersonate the Queen.
(b) Close her whorehouse.
(c) Allow the Queen to stay at her whorehouse.
(d) Become a double-agent.

6. How does the Envoy introduce himself?
(a) As the Queen's personal guard.
(b) As a man who has come to the Balcony to play a role.
(c) As the man in charge of the Queen's life.
(d) As a man who is deeply in love with the Queen.

7. What do the Queen and the General do?
(a) They tell Carmen to help.
(b) They push her over the edge.
(c) They call for Roger.
(d) They carry Chantal off.

8. How long will the Chief's position be perilous?
(a) While he is the Chief.
(b) Until someone pretends to be him at the whorehouse.
(c) As long as he is seen in public.
(d) While the rebellion lasts.

9. Of what does the Envoy convince Irma?
(a) She looks just like the Queen.
(b) Her business is booming.
(c) She can be trained to play the role of Queen.
(d) She would make a great double-agent.

10. Why do the officials say they are consolidating their own power?
(a) So they will be more powerful than anyone else.
(b) So that the Chiefs will not overwhelm them.
(c) So they each have less responsibility.
(d) To show the people that they are one governing body.

11. Who appears on the balcony?
(a) The General, the Judge, the Bishop, the Chief, and the Queen.
(b) Carmen and the prostitutes.
(c) Roger, Mark, Luke, and Louis.
(d) Chantal and Carmen.

12. Why are the officials moved around?
(a) To put fear into them.
(b) To protect them.
(c) So the Photographers can get the definitive pictures.
(d) So the rebels can see the crowd.

13. Who appears?
(a) Chantal.
(b) Georgette.
(c) Irma.
(d) Carmen.

14. Why does the room shake?
(a) From a tornado.
(b) From an earthquake.
(c) From a huge explosion.
(d) From a tidal wave.

15. Of what does the Queen remind the officials?
(a) They cannot return to their old lives.
(b) Their lives will probably be cut short by the rebels.
(c) When they first came to the whorehouse, they had a small seed of the power they sought truly living in them.
(d) They are all actors in a play and have no real power.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chantal say she will be doing when she sings for the crowd?

2. What does the Envoy assure the Chief?

3. What do the Chief and Irma confess?

4. What does Mark tell Roger to do?

5. What does the Queen do?

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