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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who bursts into the room?
(a) Three Photographers.
(b) The rebels.
(c) The police.
(d) Mark, Luke, Armand, and Roger.

2. What do the Chief and Irma confess?
(a) They have been spying for the rebels for months.
(b) They have been syping on the rebels for months.
(c) They set off the explosion.
(d) They love each other.

3. Who appears on the balcony?
(a) Chantal and Carmen.
(b) Roger, Mark, Luke, and Louis.
(c) The General, the Judge, the Bishop, the Chief, and the Queen.
(d) Carmen and the prostitutes.

4. How long will the Chief's position be perilous?
(a) Until someone pretends to be him at the whorehouse.
(b) While the rebellion lasts.
(c) As long as he is seen in public.
(d) While he is the Chief.

5. Around what has the revolution mobilized?
(a) Images of Chantal.
(b) The explosion at the Palace.
(c) Their success in forcing the Queen into hiding.
(d) Roger as the leader.

6. What does Louis say Roger is imagining?
(a) An ideal revolution carried out reasonably and efficiently.
(b) Life when the rebellion is over.
(c) His life without the rebel cause.
(d) His role in the rebellion.

7. What do the other officials tell the Chief?
(a) He should go out and get more power.
(b) He should be patient.
(c) He should look for someone to pretend to be him.
(d) He does not deserve power.

8. How does the Queen respond when the Envoy says she is just a figurehead?
(a) She wants to go back to being Irma.
(b) She does not want to be the Queen any longer.
(c) She wants real power.
(d) She is tired of the power she has.

9. Why are the officials moved around?
(a) So the Photographers can get the definitive pictures.
(b) To protect them.
(c) To put fear into them.
(d) So the rebels can see the crowd.

10. Who appears?
(a) Georgette.
(b) Irma.
(c) Chantal.
(d) Carmen.

11. What is the ultimate end faced by anyone in authority?
(a) Love.
(b) Death.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Life.

12. What does the Chief say about the three officials?
(a) They seem relieved at not having to live their roles anymore.
(b) They should remain as the officials.
(c) They did a superb job acting as officials.
(d) They are his best friends.

13. Why does Georgette leave?
(a) To get the microphone ready for Chantal.
(b) To go to the whorehouse.
(c) To get medical supplies to prepare.
(d) To let the rebels know of the plans.

14. What does the Bishop say has not yet solidified the Chief's power?
(a) Being on the balcony.
(b) His other friends in authority.
(c) Having someone pretend to be him at the whorehouse.
(d) Ira's love for him.

15. What seduces the Bishop and prepares him to play his private fantasy role in public?
(a) The Chief's compliments.
(b) The power of the robes.
(c) His relfection in the mirror.
(d) Irma's voice.

Short Answer Questions

1. How might the people playing the officials feel on that balcony?

2. What does he shout?

3. Why will the Chief and Irma be prevented from being themselves?

4. What does the Chief feel occasionally?

5. What does the Committee instruct the rebels to do regarding Chantal?

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