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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Irma say happens in every revolution?
(a) The leader of the country dies.
(b) The rebels win.
(c) The innocent die.
(d) An ex-prostitutes is held up as a symbol of freedom.

2. Why is Carmen thoughtful and sad?
(a) She is worried about the rebels.
(b) She is in love with one of her visitors.
(c) She is thinking about her daughter.
(d) She is in love with Arthur.

3. Why does Irma worry about a prostitute's behavior?
(a) She might injure a visitor.
(b) She might scare away visitors.
(c) She is having a nervous breakdown.
(d) She might end up like Chantal.

4. What is Irma's reasoning for why the Chief has forgotten her and her needs?
(a) He is jealous of Arthur.
(b) He no longer loves her.
(c) He is so obsessed with building and keeping power.
(d) He is a very busy man.

5. Who has just arrived at the end of the scene?
(a) The rebels.
(b) The Queen's Envoy.
(c) Georgette.
(d) Chantal.

6. Irma offers Carmen the opportunity to fulfill a man's fantasy by pretending to be what saint?
(a) Saint Joan of Arc.
(b) Saint Ann.
(c) Saint Elizabeth.
(d) Saint Theresa.

7. What do Irma and the General discuss at the beginning of Scene 3?
(a) The risks he took to get there and the dangers caused by the revolution.
(b) Whether or not he still loves her.
(c) Why is has not joined the rebellion.
(d) If he will be moving back into the whorehouse.

8. Who interrupts the men's argument?
(a) Carmen.
(b) Chantal.
(c) Louis.
(d) Georgette.

9. When did Carmen feel real beauty?
(a) When Chantal sings.
(b) When the man who wanted to see the Virgin looked at her.
(c) When she saw her daughter for the first time.
(d) When she sees a sunset.

10. How does the Chief of Police change the subject?
(a) He contemplates what scenario he will have.
(b) He asks for details about what scenarios have gone on in the whorehouse.
(c) He talks about how disturbing it is the have the Queen in hiding.
(d) He asks Irma if she will get rid of Arthur.

11. What does Irma say will happen to her if the rebels succeed?
(a) She will have to change some of her business practices.
(b) She will be very successful.
(c) She will go out of business.
(d) She will open another house.

12. How does Carmen feel after dressing up as the Virgin Mary for a bank clerk's fantasy?
(a) Disgusted.
(b) Depressed.
(c) Unsure.
(d) She feels spiritual pleasure.

13. What does Roger say people need to start doing?
(a) Recuperating from the war.
(b) Taking the rebellion seriously.
(c) Being more careful.
(d) Cleaning up from the rebellion.

14. Where has Chantal learned her technique?
(a) At a university.
(b) With a professional voice coach.
(c) From her mother.
(d) In a whorehouse.

15. What does Irma notice about one of her prostitutes on the monitor?
(a) She is leaving the room early.
(b) She is beating her visitor.
(c) She is getting too friendly with the visitor.
(d) She is screaming.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Irma ask Carmen?

2. What is no different than being a prostitute?

3. Why does the Bishop believe Irma asks him to leave?

4. What does Irma urge Carmen to continue doing?

5. Why is the Chief of Police disappointed?

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