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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Carmen doing?
(a) Singing.
(b) Counting the income from the evening's activities.
(c) Writing a letter to her daughter.
(d) Crying.

2. What does Luke say his group of rebels needs?
(a) The committee to speak with them.
(b) More rations.
(c) Something to spur them back into action.
(d) Rest.

3. What do Irma and the General discuss at the beginning of Scene 3?
(a) If he will be moving back into the whorehouse.
(b) The risks he took to get there and the dangers caused by the revolution.
(c) Why is has not joined the rebellion.
(d) Whether or not he still loves her.

4. What does the Chief say he will do when the rebellion is over?
(a) He will take Irma away with him.
(b) He will shut down the whorehouse.
(c) He will marry Irma.
(d) He will move back into the whorehouse.

5. What role does the Girl play with the General?
(a) She is a rifle.
(b) She is a military cadet.
(c) She is his slave.
(d) She is his horse.

6. What is the Bishop wearing?
(a) A black suit and white priest's collar.
(b) A simple robe.
(c) Robes with exaggerated shoulders and garish makeup.
(d) Sequins and beads.

7. Irma offers Carmen the opportunity to fulfill a man's fantasy by pretending to be what saint?
(a) Saint Theresa.
(b) Saint Joan of Arc.
(c) Saint Elizabeth.
(d) Saint Ann.

8. What does Irma call Carmen when she says her daughter is more real?
(a) A sweet girl.
(b) A kind person.
(c) A mean-spirited woman.
(d) A fool.

9. What does the General insist, after Irma leaves and the Executioner comes looking for her?
(a) That he have a new prosititute.
(b) That he be left in peace.
(c) That he have a refund.
(d) That he have a new uniform.

10. What does the Chief demand from Irma?
(a) The receipts for the evening's business.
(b) A free scenario.
(c) Complete control of the whorehouse.
(d) An apology.

11. What does Georgette say to Chantal about her bandaging abilities?
(a) Being too rough is as false to the job as thinking about it too much.
(b) She has improved greatly since she arrived.
(c) She just needs to keep practicing.
(d) She is very good and gentle.

12. Why does Irma have to love Carmen in secret?
(a) Because of the Chief of Police.
(b) Because of the Judge.
(c) Because of the General.
(d) Because of Arthur.

13. What does Irma refuse to tell Arthur?
(a) That she loves him.
(b) Where this fantasy will take place.
(c) Who his visitor is.
(d) How much he will be paid.

14. Why is the Chief of Police disappointed?
(a) His power is waning.
(b) No one wants to pretend to be him.
(c) There are no more costumes left for him to borrow.
(d) No one is doing a scenario today.

15. What does Chantal say she is not cut out to be?
(a) Either a mother or a nurse.
(b) Either a singer or a prostitute.
(c) Either Roger or Luke's girlfriend.
(d) Either a nurse or a rebel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of mission is Arthur about to go on?

2. How does Irma speak about her business?

3. Why does Irma worry about a prostitute's behavior?

4. How much money does Carmen say the whorehouse has earned?

5. How does the Chief of Police resemble the other officials from the first few scenes?

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