The Balcony Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does the Bishop break his agreement with Irma?

He tells Irma to leave, saying that he wants to be by himself. Irma tells the Bishop he has already been there twenty minutes longer than the agreement, but he angrily insists. Irma and the Young Woman go out. At one point Irma looks back in and asks whether he is finished, but he insists he needs more time.

2. How does the Bishop lose control?

The Bishop loses complete control, fantasizing about having sex with a woman he refers to by several derogatory names like bitch and slut.

3. What does the Bishop do when he sees his reflection in the mirror?

The Bishop speaks to his reflection in the mirror, questioning himself at length about the how and why of his becoming a bishop. He complains that the Chief of Police has let the revolution get out of control and then looks at himself in the mirror one last time. He speaks to his reflection about the power of his robes, how they protect him and enable him to perform deeds of great charity and great power.

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