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The Grand Balcony

The setting of this play is a whorehouse called the Grand Balcony. Research the history of whorehouses and brothels. How did they begin? What purpose do they serve? What is life like in a brothel? In what form do they exist today?

What is Satire

Both the Chief and play move into the realm of satire in Scene 5, Part 3. What is satire? What is the history of satire? Does it still exist today?

A Satire

Watch an example of a satirical comedy. Some examples include "The Colbert Report," "Bruno," and many others. Watch one of these satirical shows and compare it to Scene 5, Part 3.

Volunteer Nurse

Both Chantal and Georgette act as volunteer nurses for the rebellion. Research the role of volunteer nurses during wartime. What was life like as a nurse? How were they trained? How were they helpful to their cause?

The French Revolution

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