The Balcony Character Descriptions

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Arthur - This character works at the whorehouse and cares solely about his own interests and money. This character survives the rebellion in the street, only to be shot dead by a stray bullet when he returns to the Grand Balcony.

The Bishop - This character is one of the clients at the Grand Balcony. As a client, he is rather fussy, concerned that the details of his fantasy are perfect and that he will survive in the streets after he leaves.

Carmen - This character is Irma's most loyal and favorite employee. At one time, the character worked as a whore in the brothel, but now only keeps the books and assists in preparing the studios for the clients' fantasies.

Chantal - This character worked as a whore at the Grand Balcony at one time. She left the brothel with Roger to join the rebellion...

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