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Scenes 1, 2, 3, and 4

• A man dressed as a Bishop rejoices in the beauty of his clothes, as a Young Woman and Irma attend to him, and Irma reminds him to honor their agreement.

• The Bishop insists the Girl confess her sins and asks if they are real, and she say they are real; when he says in a different voice that he hopes she had not done all those evil things.

• The Bishop says they live in evil, and he wants to be left alone, even though he is twenty minutes over on time.

• The Bishop speaks to his reflection, asking how and why he became a bishop; he loses control, fantasizing about having sex with a woman and referring to the woman by several derogatory names.

• Irma keeps insisting he leave, and he says she only wants him to go because she needs the space; he is afraid...

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