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Short Answer Questions

1. How much is Mike worth at this point in his life?

2. What device does Mike find in his office at the cabin?

3. What is Mattie's marital status?

4. Who is the fry cook at the Village Cafe?

5. What is the TR that Mike refers to in the book?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is John Storrow and what is his role in Mike's life?

2. Why does Bill Dean advise Mike to stay away from Mattie?

3. What is Mike's demeanor when he spends Christmas with Jo's family, the Arlens?

4. What physical symptoms does Mike have during writer's block?

5. When do Mike's nightmares begin?

6. What made Max file for custody of Kyra?

7. How had Mattie tried to cooperate with Max regarding Kyra?

8. Describe Mike's first encounter and communication with a spirit in the house.

9. Why does Mike think that there must not be a connection between Mattie and Max Devore, a wealthy man in the area?

10. What makes Mike realize that he must return to Sara Laughs?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Mattie Devore was no stranger to hurt and pain. From what you about Mattie's life through this book, what were her biggest sorrows and worst betrayals? How did she manage through them? How did her coping skills evidence themselves in many aspects of her life? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

The author used more than one iteration on the theme of loss. Identify at least two examples about loss in the book and explain why the examples support the theme.

Essay Topic 3

BAG OF BONES is a classic example of a horror genre story. What does that classification entail? Why does this book fit into this category?

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