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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Mike meets Mattie and Kyra in town, he brings dinner from ____________________.
(a) Village Cafe.
(b) Applebee's.
(c) Panera.
(d) McDonald's.

2. Whose funeral does Mrs. Meserve advise Mike not to attend?
(a) Bill Dean's.
(b) Frank Arlen's.
(c) Royce Merrill's.
(d) Kevin Auster's.

3. What is Kyra doing when Mike returns to the cabin?
(a) She is sleeping.
(b) She is gone.
(c) She is taking a bath.
(d) She is watching TV.

4. Who is the private detective hired by Romeo Bissonette?
(a) George Kennedy.
(b) Phil Davidson.
(c) John Gerard.
(d) John Paulus.

5. Who is the attorney appointed to be guardian ad litem for Kyra?
(a) Eli Dinsmore.
(b) Emil Davore.
(c) Edward Denton.
(d) Elmer Durgin.

6. What is hidden inside one of the plastic owls?
(a) A tin box.
(b) A key.
(c) A map.
(d) A wad of cash.

7. Jared Devore's ghost tells Mike that he and his friends killed Sara and her son because _______________________.
(a) Her son short changed a white boy.
(b) She dared to stand up to them.
(c) She fired a white girl in her club.
(d) She was pregnant.

8. What does Mike see written on his napkin at the restaurant?
(a) Get Off the TR.
(b) Whoremaster.
(c) Come Again Soon.
(d) Murderer.

9. What drink does Mike give to Kyra to calm her?
(a) Coca-Cola.
(b) Cocoa.
(c) Root beer.
(d) Milk.

10. What does Mike tell Mattie he will do that night?
(a) Come to her.
(b) Babysit for Kyra.
(c) Watch over her trailer.
(d) Write a poem for her.

11. What vulgar name does Devore call Mike?
(a) Whoremaster.
(b) Fucker.
(c) Prick.
(d) Bastard.

12. What medication does Mike give to Kyra?
(a) Tylenol.
(b) Nyquil.
(c) Aspirin.
(d) Benadryl.

13. Where do Mike and Kyra run to escape?
(a) The Fun House.
(b) The Ghost House.
(c) The Grandstand.
(d) The Hall of Mirrors.

14. Mike cautions Mattie to be careful of Kenny Auster and _____________________.
(a) Lindy Briggs.
(b) John Storrow.
(c) Jared Devore.
(d) Bill Dean.

15. What does Mattie tell Mike when she calls?
(a) She thinks Kyra has the measles.
(b) She is dating John.
(c) She got her job back.
(d) She's leaving Maine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Mike get up onto the float?

2. Mike is awakened in the night to find _________________ in bed with him.

3. What does Mike find under a throw rug in Jo's studio?

4. What does Mike pour over the bones he digs up?

5. As Mike takes an after dinner walk, he is overcome by a perception of _____________________.

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