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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mike feel at the news of Devore's death?
(a) Upset.
(b) Confused.
(c) Devastated.
(d) Glad.

2. Who did Jo not want Mike to talk to at the TR?
(a) Royce Merrill.
(b) Bill Dean.
(c) Mattie Devore.
(d) Max Devore.

3. What does Mike find under a throw rug in Jo's studio?
(a) A key.
(b) A letter.
(c) A photograph.
(d) A latch to a trap door.

4. How does Mike end up in the lake near the Street?
(a) Max pushes him with his wheelchair.
(b) He walks in to get cooled off.
(c) He slips and falls while walking too close to the water.
(d) He dives in.

5. Mike sees an inordinate amount of the letters K and ______________ in the phone book.
(a) M.
(b) C.
(c) W.
(d) S.

6. What is hidden inside one of the plastic owls?
(a) A wad of cash.
(b) A map.
(c) A key.
(d) A tin box.

7. What is Kyra doing when Mike returns to the cabin?
(a) She is sleeping.
(b) She is taking a bath.
(c) She is gone.
(d) She is watching TV.

8. Who is the attorney appointed to be guardian ad litem for Kyra?
(a) Edward Denton.
(b) Eli Dinsmore.
(c) Emil Davore.
(d) Elmer Durgin.

9. Who was Sara's son?
(a) Kirk.
(b) Keith.
(c) Kito.
(d) Kenny.

10. Who helps Mike get up onto the float?
(a) Jo.
(b) A fisherman.
(c) A couple of tourists.
(d) A deputy.

11. What device does the court stenographer use when Mike gives his deposition?
(a) A laptop.
(b) A pad of paper.
(c) A smart phone.
(d) A Stenomask.

12. What vulgar name does Devore call Mike?
(a) Fucker.
(b) Prick.
(c) Whoremaster.
(d) Bastard.

13. Why is Mattie receiving anonymous phone calls?
(a) She is blamed for Max's death.
(b) She sunbathes in the nude.
(c) She is dating the town's mayor.
(d) She is running for City Council.

14. Whom does Mike see dressed in Jared Devore's clothes as a ghost?
(a) Jared.
(b) Max.
(c) Kito.
(d) Lance.

15. What is Sara wearing as she sings at the fair?
(a) A short skirt and blouse.
(b) An evening gown.
(c) Mattie's dress.
(d) A shirt and long pants.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers to take care of Mattie when she loses her job?

2. What is the name of Kyra's little stuffed dog?

3. How does Mattie die?

4. Mattie tells Mike that she will leave a key for him ___________________.

5. Who warns Mike about stirring things up in town?

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