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This is the town where Mike and Johanna Noonan lived at 14 Benton Street.

Rite Aid

This is the name of the pharmacy Johanna went to on the day she died.

Jack's Pub

This is the establishment that Frank and Mike sat in after making arrangements.

Fairlawn Cemetery

This is the site where Johanna is buried.

Fidelity Union

This is the bank where Mike kept his safety deposit box containing manuscripts not yet published.


This is the shipping company Mike uses to ship his manuscripts to his editor.

Sara Laughs

This is the name of the retreat in western Maine that Mike and Johanna own in western Maine.

Word Six

This is the program Mike uses to write his novels.

Dark Score Lake

This is one of the deepest and cleanest bodies of water in western Maine and where Sara Laughs is located.

The Shade

This is...

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