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Liz Curtis Higgs
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the story, what happens to the woman's shame?
(a) It still exists.
(b) It is a part of her.
(c) It becomes her future.
(d) It becomes part of her past.

2. What does this stranger give the couple?
(a) Food.
(b) Their drinks.
(c) Water instead of gin and tonics.
(d) Nothing.

3. What does Mitzi do when she calls her husband?
(a) She fakes tears and fear.
(b) She asks when he is coming home.
(c) She acts as if nothing has happened.
(d) She confesses what she has done.

4. Why is Crystal impatient with this man?
(a) He cannot decide what he wants to order.
(b) She is tired.
(c) She thinks he is hitting on her.
(d) She has too many customers to deal with.

5. Why does she ask him for his water?
(a) So that she will not be thirsty for a few hours.
(b) So she can take it to her family.
(c) So she can be happy.
(d) So that she will not have to go back to the well again.

6. Why does Hayden tell Ruthie to get over in the car, her new car?
(a) So she can take a nap.
(b) So she can drive.
(c) So she can open a present he wants to give her.
(d) So he can drive.

7. Where is there another story about a bored wife and a hired man?
(a) The Qur'an.
(b) The Book of Mormon.
(c) The Old Testament.
(d) The New Testament.

8. What did Higgs understand about Jezebel?
(a) Her desire to hurt others.
(b) Her low self-esteem.
(c) Her introverted and quiet personality.
(d) Her outbursts, need for control, and pushy personality.

9. A week later, what happens in the Cascades?
(a) A tornado rips through the forest.
(b) A bear is spotted.
(c) Lightning strikes several trees and homes.
(d) Mount St. Helens blasts steam from its top and sulfurous gases spew out at random times.

10. What did the angels warn Lot and his family not to do?
(a) Stay in Sodom.
(b) Leave Sodom.
(c) Forget their life in Sodom.
(d) Look back at the destruction.

11. What is Ruthie hoping to do?
(a) Get to bed early.
(b) Lock herself inside her apartment.
(c) Say hello to her mom.
(d) Buy some groceries.

12. Why does the author want to look at the women of the Bible who got things wrong?
(a) To see how much better she is than them.
(b) To see what they can teach the women of today.
(c) To see what the outcomes are when one misbehaves.
(d) To feel better about herself.

13. What happens when Lila touches a scar on the judge's head?
(a) He screams.
(b) He jerks awake.
(c) He yells at Lila.
(d) He jumps out of the chair.

14. What is the good news Higgs says about the Bad Girls?
(a) God loves them.
(b) No one could be as bad as them.
(c) They no longer exist.
(d) They never existed.

15. What does the man think about Mitzi's requests of him?
(a) He would love to spend time with her.
(b) Going to bed with her is a sin.
(c) He will only stay to eat something.
(d) He already has a girlfriend.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Devin's kiss taste to Evelyn?

2. What has the man left at Mitzi's house?

3. What does Higgs argue is the best word to describe Delilah?

4. What does the stranger do when another group of people comes in and Crystal moves to wait on them?

5. Higgs says that while knowledge is good, an intimate knowledge of what is not?

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