Daily Lessons for Teaching Bad Girls of the Bible

Liz Curtis Higgs
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction, Turn Signal)


In Introduction, Turn Signal, Ruthie is abused by a man she has known for three weeks. This lesson will discuss Ruthie's story and how it serves as an introduction to this book.


Class Discussion: What is Ruthie's story?

Small Group Activity: What is the purpose of Ruthie's story? How might it prepare the reader for the rest of the book?

Class Discussion: Discuss the purpose of Ruthie's story and how prepares the reader for the Bad Girls of the Bible. Some possible answer include the following: Her story is the first example of a story made up by the author to represent the events of a real story. It is also the first story of a woman who makes a poor decision in her life and prepares the reader for more stories such as this one. How might this story represent the author? How does...

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