Bad Blood Fun Activities

John Carreyrou
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Follow-Up Story

Conduct research on the events and legal suits regarding Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos following the publication of Bad Blood. What civil and criminal suits were served against the company and its founders? What is the status of Holmes today?


Several documentaries and extended-news specials have focused on the story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes following the publication of Carreyrou's WSJ articles and this book. Give students the opportunity to watch one of these films/specials and write about it. How does the information presented compare with Carreyrou's conclusions?

Silicon Valley Culture

Conduct research on the startups in Silicon Valley in the past decade. How does the culture of Silicon Valley enable companies like Theranos to rise? What companies are comparable to Theranos in terms of fraudulent or unethical activity?

Cast a Film

Imagine you are a casting director for a film adaptation of Bad Blood...

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