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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What irritates Kate in the mornings?
(a) Not being able to practice.
(b) Being alone.
(c) Being deprived of morning coffee.
(d) Not getting enough sleep.

2. What kinds of trees were stunted?
(a) Fir.
(b) Dogwood.
(c) Oak.
(d) Spruce.

3. What comment made it difficult for David to keep the smile from his face?
(a) She was single and lonely.
(b) She had already been married once.
(c) The ugly coat he hated was ruined.
(d) She had nowhere to sleep that night.

4. What kind of food did David order?
(a) Japanese food.
(b) Pizza.
(c) Thai.
(d) Chinese food.

5. What interrupted Kate's concentration?
(a) The intense look of David.
(b) The smack on the head he delivered to the critic.
(c) David's whistle.
(d) The music critic's snort.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dave say about Kate's lifestyle?

2. How much warning was in David's smile?

3. Why was David on her roof?

4. What does it mean when an alarm goes off in Kate's house?

5. What did David hate about Kate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What missed opportunities is Dave talking about on page 81?

2. What is the difference that Kate has noticed in David's body from up close?

3. What was interesting to note about their first kiss?

4. What elements were necessary for love at first sight, according to Kate?

5. Explain why Elsie could think David is a spy.

6. What was the difference between Dave and Anatole in the morning?

7. How did David justify that Kate wasn't exactly a domestic type?

8. Why didn't Elsie like the senior citizens home?

9. Why wouldn't anyone think that Kate did drugs?

10. How did Kate feel about Elsie?

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