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Katherine Flynn

This character is a cello playing perfectionist.

David Dodd

This character is a seemingly lazy multimillionaire.

Elsie Hawkins

This character has been retired from selling girdles and bras and boards with the cellist.


This is the person who made the cellist feel most alone.

Michael Flynn

This character is the father of the cellist, and seems to be very strict at first glance.

Grace Flynn

This is the mother of the cellist, and seems to be the perfect compliment to the father.

Blood and Guts Couch Potatoes

This is a team in which the multimillionaire plays football and basketball on varying days of the week.


This character is originally introduced as an Economist for the World Bank.


This person shows up with the undercover-officer friend of David's.


This character starts dating Kate's border, and soon after meeting her becomes engaged.



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