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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a suspect in Jack's murder?
(a) Linda.
(b) Tad.
(c) Cissy.
(d) Esme.

2. Who does Myron suspect might have known about the affair with Esme and Chad?
(a) Rocky.
(b) Linda.
(c) Matthew.
(d) Jack.

3. What does Myron think is the source of Jack's erratic playing today?
(a) An impending thunderstorm.
(b) Chad's severed finger.
(c) A fight with Linda.
(d) A ransom call on his cell phone.

4. Where was Lloyd Rennart's body found?
(a) On the side of a hill.
(b) Downstream in Peru.
(c) In a deep ravine.
(d) It has not been found.

5. Who has won the U.S. Open?
(a) Tad.
(b) Greg.
(c) Vijay.
(d) Jack.

6. Who comes to see Myron at the beginning of Chapter 25?
(a) Two policemen.
(b) Esme.
(c) Win.
(d) Linda.

7. How much money does Esperanza give the bartender for information about Tito?
(a) $200.
(b) $500.
(c) $150.
(d) $50.

8. Where does Myron go at the beginning of Chapter 19?
(a) The barber shop.
(b) The police station.
(c) The food court at the mall.
(d) The coffee shop.

9. What information does Esperanza find out about the car accident that killed Lloyd's first wife?
(a) It happened during perfect weather conditions.
(b) It happened on icy roads.
(c) Another unnamed person was in the car.
(d) It was a head-on collision.

10. What is Myron curious about regarding Lloyd?
(a) Where his first wife is.
(b) Why he never married.
(c) What he was doing in Boston.
(d) Where he got all his money.

11. What is the name of the biker bar?
(a) Parker Here.
(b) Parker Inn.
(c) Max's.
(d) Last Chance.

12. What can Myron tell about the fight between Carl and Esperanza?
(a) Someone will be killed.
(b) It will end in serious injury.
(c) It is fake.
(d) It never started.

13. What news does Myron learn when he arrives at Linda's house?
(a) Jack has been shot dead.
(b) Chad has returned.
(c) Chad has been shot dead.
(d) Jack has left her.

14. What is Jack's reason for filing for divorce from Linda?
(a) He claims she was unfaithful.
(b) He claims she was a bad mother.
(c) He claims mental cruelty.
(d) He just didn't love her anymore.

15. Which of the following is NOT true about the envelope in which Chad's finger was found?
(a) The ink is from the same type of pen that Linda recently purchased.
(b) It is the same type that Linda had recently purchased.
(c) The writing cannot be identified as Linda's.
(d) It is addressed to Myron.

Short Answer Questions

1. Linda says they once received ____________ from Peru.

2. Who calls Myron and needs to see him right away?

3. Which of the following does NOT go to the biker bar?

4. Where does Myron do a stakeout the following night?

5. Which of the following does Myron not do to Escape?

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