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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does NOT describe Esme?
(a) Successful.
(b) Twenty-something.
(c) Struggling.
(d) Attractive.

2. What does Myron have a tendency to do when he is nervous?
(a) Wring his hands.
(b) Cough.
(c) Laugh.
(d) Make jokes.

3. Who is a suspect in Jack's murder?
(a) Chad.
(b) Linda.
(c) Tito.
(d) Rocky.

4. Which of the following does Myron not do to Escape?
(a) Unties him.
(b) Shoots him twice in the head.
(c) Warns him not to leave.
(d) Threatens him with torture and death.

5. As what does Myron pose when he visits Lloyd Rennart's widow?
(a) Detective.
(b) IRS Auditor.
(c) Newspaper art reporter.
(d) Salesman.

6. What is Jack's reason for filing for divorce from Linda?
(a) He claims she was unfaithful.
(b) He claims mental cruelty.
(c) He just didn't love her anymore.
(d) He claims she was a bad mother.

7. What item does Myron find in Tito's truck?
(a) A chain saw.
(b) A cooler filled with Miller Lites.
(c) A book about making bombs.
(d) Chad's ring.

8. What happened years ago that makes Win avoid his mother?
(a) She humiliated him in front of the whole school.
(b) He saw her having sex with his riding instructor.
(c) She abused him.
(d) He found out he was adopted.

9. Who benefits most from Jack's death?
(a) Matt.
(b) Myron.
(c) Linda.
(d) Tad.

10. What is the murder weapon that the police have found?
(a) Handgun.
(b) Hunting knife.
(c) Axe.
(d) Rifle.

11. Which of the following is NOT true about the envelope in which Chad's finger was found?
(a) It is the same type that Linda had recently purchased.
(b) It is addressed to Myron.
(c) The ink is from the same type of pen that Linda recently purchased.
(d) The writing cannot be identified as Linda's.

12. Where does Myron meet with Esme?
(a) At her office.
(b) At her hotel.
(c) At her apartment.
(d) At Myron's guest house.

13. Who is the maid that Carl introduces to Myron?
(a) Kiana.
(b) Karrie.
(c) Kiawah.
(d) Kylie.

14. What secret does Norm need to keep?
(a) He is having an affair.
(b) He is gay.
(c) He has cancer.
(d) He is a criminal.

15. Why did Esme kidnap Chad?
(a) To get back at Linda for marrying Jack.
(b) To get publicity for Jack and Linda.
(c) To get a huge chunk of money.
(d) To throw Jack off his golf game.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has won the U.S. Open?

2. Which of the following is NOT a suspect in Jack's murder?

3. What startling confession does Linda make to Myron?

4. What do the police find as the weapon that killed Tito?

5. Why does Myron call Francine Rennart again?

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