Objects & Places from Back Spin

Harlan Coben
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This is the golf course in Jack Coldren and Win's home town of Philadelphia. The U.S. Open is held at this location for the first time in years.

MB SportsReps

This is Myron Bolitar's sports agency located on Park Avenue in New York City.

Court Manor Inn

This is a motel specializing in hourly rates for illicit affairs.

Drive-Thru ATM on Porter Street

Chad uses this facility near the Court Manor Inn before he is kidnapped but after both of his parents see him for the last time.


This is Norman Zuckerman's sportswear company, which has signed Tad Crispin and Linda Coldren as spokespeople for its new line.

Grand Mercado Mall

The kidnappers' third call is made from a pay phone at the food court at this location.

Green Acres Road

This is the cul-de-sac where Chad's friend Matt lives.

El Garganta del Diablo, Peru

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